Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Reviews

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Reviews

There are usually two types of mentality when it comes to buying women’s underwear. Women either get the easiest thing they can grab or they look for underwear that makes them feel good even if no one else is going to see it.  Having the right kind of underwear for different outfits and occasions plays a big part in how comfortable you are when you’re wearing it.

There are many different styles and materials available to choose from. With all of these choices it can get overwhelming very quickly. This guide will help you make sense of all the options and choices and help you understand what is available. With the right knowledge you will be able to sort through all those choices and make a confident decision when purchasing underwear for your needs.

This guide will teach you about the different styles, materials, and brands that are popular with women consumers. We have even included a section for men who want to purchase underwear for their special lady.   Shopping for women’s underwear does not have to be stressful or confusing. This guide is designed to be a resource for anyone looking to add the perfect underwear to their wardrobe without having the hassle and confusion of not knowing which type or brand to purchase.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear

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Hanes Women's Sporty Hipster Underwear

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Hanes Women’s Sporty Hipster Underwear

Hanes is a popular underwear company with women because of the quality, reputation, and choices that this great company offers in underwear.

This fashionable and comfortable hipster underwear is sporty and made from 100% cotton.  The no-ride-up legs eliminate bunching up making them a good choice for any outfit you are wearing.

All solids and prints in this style are made from 100% cotton; the heather greys and stripes are made from a blend of 25% polyester and 75% cotton.

The tag free style gets rid of annoying itching that tags can cause. This great product is machine washable and dryable as well.  There are many different colors and prints available to choose from.

Amazon Essentials Women's Bikini Underwear

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Amazon Essentials Women’s Bikini Underwear

Amazon Basics presents these women’s bikini underwear for anyone looking for comfortable, high quality underwear that is made from a blend of 5% Elastane for stretch and 95% cotton for softness.

The Elastane present in this underwear ensures a secure fit that won’t bag or slide.  There is no tag in this underwear which eliminates the itching that tags can cause.

Amazon Basics bikini underwear is available in a selection of sizes and number color options as well.  They are machine washable and dryable for easy care and won’t lose their shape or secure fit.

Fruit of the Loom Women's Soft Bikini Underwear

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Fruit of the Loom Women’s Soft Bikini Underwear

Fruit of the Loom is another popular company with women when they are shopping for underwear.  These FOTL beyond soft briefs won’t shrink so the fit you start off with is the fit you will have even after many washings.  

One of the popular features of this underwear is that they won’t leave panty lines even under tighter clothing.  They fit so smoothly and comfortably that you can wear them confidently, knowing you are not showing unattractive lines under your clothing.

This underwear provides moderate coverage on the rear and a rise that is a little above the hips for an attractive silhouette.  They are available in a range of sizes and variety of colors and prints to match every preference.

Fruit of the Loom Women's Boy shorts Underwear

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Fruit of the Loom Women’s Boy Shorts Underwear

Another great Fruit of the Loom product are these women’s boy shorts. Made from a blend of 5% Spandex and 95% cotton, you will enjoy stretch that offers a good fit and the softness of cotton which is one of the reasons women love them so much. 

The waistbands of these boy shorts are made from covered elastic that doesn’t roll, pinch or bind so you are comfortable all day long. 

FOTL boy shorts are available in a range of sizes and lots of different colors and prints depending on the package you choose.  They are easy care as well and can be machine washed and dried in the dryer without losing shape or quality.

Emprella Women’s Hipster Underwear

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Emprella Women’s Hipster Underwear

Emprella women’s hipster underwear offers women elegance, style, and comfort with a blend of 5% spandex and 95% cotton for a soft, smooth feel and breathability that will keep you comfortable all day long. 

These seamless hipsters have a comfortable waistband and stay put legs that prevent rolling and bunching.

There is just enough stretch in this underwear to ensure a great fit and not be too tight or uncomfortable.

The tag less design eliminates itching that can be caused by tags and they are so soft you’ll feel like you don’t have any on at all.  These hipsters can be worn underneath any outfit without fear of embarrassing panty lines.

Emprella hipster underwear is machine washable and is available in a variety of laces, stripes, solid colors, and more.

Summary of Our Top Picks

Having the right kind of women’s underwear is very important to being able to dress comfortably from the inside out.  Different styles work better with different clothing. The ten choices we have listed above are the top ten choices that women consumers consistently choose when purchasing underwear for their wardrobes.

All ten of these choices are from reputable and well-respected companies that are known for quality, comfort, and variety.  The five detailed reviews we have included give you a more in depth view of the best of the best so you can see if any of them work for your needs. 

We have also included a buying guide that will give you knowledge about the types of women’s underwear available, how to size yourself properly, how to choose the right underwear for the right occasion, and features to look for when researching different brands and types.  This information will make underwear shopping much easier and even enjoyable.

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Buying Guide

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Buying Guide

There are several different styles of women’s underwear on the market.  We will list the most common styles below along with characteristics of each style and when to wear each style.  You do not have to adhere to these suggestions of when to wear them if you are comfortable wearing certain styles all the time, but this is a loose guideline that can help you identify which types go better with certain types of clothing. 

  • Boy Shorts – Boy shorts are very popular with teen and college aged girls. They are a very feminine version of the men’s boxer shorts.  They are rectangular in shape and give full coverage on the hips and rear end. The longer cut they offer gives plenty of coverage yet still provides a very feminine, sexy look. Make sure to get the right size for your body so the shorts don’t cut in or roll up.  You can wear boy shorts with any type of outfit you can think of even formal shirts and dresses if they are seamless. 
  • Thongs – Although there is not a lot of practicality when it comes to thongs, they can be a real benefit to your wardrobe if you wear a lot of clothing that can easily show panty lines. Thongs have a regular waistband like other women’s underwear but have a narrow string that runs from the front panel to the rear.  Thongs can be worn under swimwear, shorts, white jeans and pants, dresses and skirts.  They are made from many types of materials including lace, mesh, cotton, and silk and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. 
  • G- Strings – G-Strings are similar to thongs with the only differences being they do not have a waistband and they have very narrow coverage in the panty line area. G strings are good for wearing under swimwear, white clothing, shorts, mini-skirts and other similar clothing. 
  • Seamless – Seamless underwear is available in a variety of styles from boy shorts to bikini. They do not have the thick border that other underwear can have and are perfect for wearing under tight clothing and clothing that can show panty lines easily. 
  • Hipsters – Hipster underwear is a mix between bikini and boy shorts. The waistband goes around your hips and sits lower on the body than regular briefs do.  This body-hugging underwear fits like a second skin and provides good coverage. The leg holes are similar to bikini underwear.  They are a good choice for women who like the bikini style but prefer a little more coverage.  Hipsters can be worn with any outfit you choose. 
  • High Waisted Briefs – If you have some extra weight and want extra coverage, high-waisted briefs are a great choice. They sit above the belly button and provide plenty of coverage for the tummy and hips. They are typically very comfortable and can be worn under a variety of outfits.  The right high-waisted brief can give you a very smooth silhouette that looks great. 
  • Regular Briefs – Regular underwear are referred to as briefs. The waistband of briefs rests just below the belly button.  They are a good choice for every day wear under work clothing or even for exercising.  If you need a little more coverage, you are better off going with the high waisted briefs that fit above the belly button. 
  • French Cut – This variety of underwear is a variant of the regular brief. They give you the same coverage around the waist and tummy area but the legs of French cut briefs are cut very high which gives the illusion of a longer leg.  This is a flattering style for anyone looking to emphasize their legs. 
  • Bikini – bikini underwear is similar to bikini swimsuits in style. They are available in many different fabrics including lace, silk, cotton, satin, jersey and others.  They are a mix between briefs and thongs.  The style is usually low rise with full coverage on the rear. String bikinis have coverage on the rear and front but the sides are much narrower with strings where the fabric usually is.

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Buying Guide


Underwear Materials

Below we will go over the common materials that are used to make women’s underwear. We will provide some characteristics of each of the materials as well so you have all the info you need to decide which material appeals to you,

  • Lace – Lace is most often used in fancier underwear. They are lightweight, transparent, and usually seamless. Lace underwear is not very good for cold weather unless you are wearing plenty of layers.  If the lace is not good quality it can cause itching and even rashes. 
  • Cotton – The most popular material used in underwear is cotton. It is super breathable, very soft, comfortable and durable as well.  It is the perfect choice for your everyday underwear and can be washed easily in the washing machine and dried without worry of ruining the fabric or look of the underwear. Cotton is a good choice for working out, summertime, and even your work days. 
  • Satin – Satin underwear is not a good choice for everyday use unless you are looking for that feeling of luxury no matter what you’re doing. Typically women purchase satin underwear for special occasions. 
  • Silk – This is another luxurious fabric that is not usually purchased for everyday use. It feels like it isn’t even there and is made to be seamless as well. 
  • Mul Cotton – This cotton blend is thicker and softer than regular cotton but the drawback is that it is not as breathable as 100% cotton is. It is a good choice for everyday use and feels soft against your skin. 
  • Jersey – This polyester and nylon blend is very popular for those who spend a lot of time at the pool or beach. It is typically waterproof and keeps your skin dry. 

Buying Tips

Here are some helpful buying tips you can use when you shop for your next pair of underwear.

  • Know you size before purchase – Before you start shopping for your new underwear it is crucial that you know what size you need. Measure your hips and waist before you buy so you can compare it to the size charts that all underwear brands offer on their listings.  Every brand has different measurements for sizing which is why Large for one company may not be large for another.  You want to measure your natural waist which is the area where the crease forms when you bend sideways.  Measure across the fullest part of the hips for the hip measurement.  Keep the measuring tape parallel when measuring your hips for the most accurate measurement. 
  • Know your preferred style – Most women have a favorite type of underwear already before they purchase. Decide on the type of underwear you want before you start shopping and you won’t be confused by all the choices.  Many women get a variety of styles so they can be prepared for any occasion. 
  • Cotton is king – If you’re looking for comfort, softness, versatility and durability, cotton will be your best bet. It is easy to clean, feels great on, and is available in every type of underwear on the market.  It also has a ton of colors and prints to choose from.  The breathability of cotton prevents moisture from getting trapped and your underwear from getting too sweaty. This also reduces the chances of getting yeast infections. 
  • Synthetic fabric is slimmer – Although cotton is the preferred choice and feels great it doesn’t always look good underneath clothing. Nylon, Lycra and spandex are tighter fitting and eliminate the bunchiness and panty lines that can occur with cotton.  For the maximum comfort, choose underwear that has cotton crotches. 
  • Strong elastic – Pulling at your underwear all day long because it is slipping is not enjoyable and can be downright frustrating. Look for underwear that has stay put elastic in the waistband.  Most companies will emphasize this in their descriptions but it can be verified by checking out the customer comments.  Don’t choose underwear with elastic around the leg holes. This can bunch up and pinch and be very uncomfortable not to mention showing underneath clothing. 
  • The Right Size – Underwear should not be too baggy or too tight. Too tight underwear can cause unattractive lumps and bulges underneath your clothing.  It also causes chafing and irritation.  If the underwear is leaving lasting marks on your skin it is not the right size.  Choosing the right size is so important. No one wants to battle their underwear all day long regardless of whether the problem is too small, too large or the wrong fabric that leaves you itching.  Spring for high quality underwear to ensure the best feeling underwear.

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Underwear as a Gift

If you want to choose underwear as a gift, there are a few things you will want to remember.  We have listed these helpful tips below to keep you from making a mistake or feeling awkward by doing or getting the wrong thing.

  • Not too silky or lacy – Cotton is a great choice although it may not sound very sexy. There are plenty of cotton choices that are still feminine and sexy. Choosing something silky or lacy means she will only be able to wear it once in a while. Choose something a little more functional as well as attractive and she can wear it often. 
  • Full coverage is safest – Unless you have seen her in underwear frequently, you are better off not purchasing thongs or skimpy bikinis unless that is her known preferred style to wear. Boy shorts are great choices as they provide full coverage but still look sexy. 
  • If size is unknown, go with medium – Buying someone else underwear when you don’t know the size can be very dangerous. If you are fortunate enough to know her size, that is great.  If you don’t the safest best is probably medium unless you know that she wears plus sized underwear.  You don’t want to make her feel bad by buying something too big or too small so it’s best to try and find out the size. 
  • Try to color match – If you know she wears a lot of light colors, purchase underwear in light colors as well and avoid prints since they can show under light clothing. Neutral colors are always safe which include black, grey, and beige. 
  • Have fun with it – If you are very close or in a long term relationship, you can relax these rules and get fun underwear that are in her favorite interests such as hearts, horses, or even Star Wars. Have fun with it, especially if she has a great sense of humor. Do not purchase underwear for a woman you have just started dating.  



With all of the choices and options you have when it comes to women’s underwear it may be a little overwhelming if you are trying to add to your wardrobe or replace existing, tired underwear.  As a general rule, choose underwear from reputable, well-known brands such as the ones we have listed like Fruit of the Look, Hanes, and Calvin Klein.

These companies have been around a long time and are known for their quality underwear.  Choosing a brand new company comes with some risk so if you are feeling daring, go for it, but try to do some research by reading consumer comments on any underwear choices you are interested in.

The top ten chart we have included in this guide has some excellent, high quality selections on it so don’t forget to take a look at all of those. They represent many different styles and brands. 

The rest of the information included in this guide will get you ready to go shopping for your new underwear. Even though underwear is a necessary part of any wardrobe, you can still have a lot of fun and be creative in the colors, styles, and materials you choose.




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