Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Reviews

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Reviews

If you want to incorporate walking into your regular routine for added exercise you will need a great pair of walking shoes. It is better to find shoes that are specially designed for walking rather than getting running shoes.  That involves an added expense but it is worth it because a quality pair of walking shoes will prevent foot pain, injuries, and foot pain.  Wearing the wrong shoes for walking can result in calluses and blisters which are very painful.

There are many different styles of walking shoes on the market to choose from.  To ensure that you make the right decision for your needs you need to understand the features that walking shoes can offer and how to determine which walking shoes are better than others. 

The guide below will help you sort through the many different brands and styles available so you can find the right pair for your specific needs. Not only have we listed ten of the top rated walking shoes available, we have included five detailed reviews of the best of the best and added an informative buying guide that will teach you about the features good walking shoes have, how to fit them properly and many more helpful pieces of information.

After reading this guide you will have the knowledge you need to confidently choose a great pair of walking shoes that will last you a long time and provide the comfort and features you need.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

Rate Pictures Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Sizes Colors
6.5 – 14
Wide Sizes
Chocolate Nubuck
5 – 13
Wide Sizes
9 Color
7.5 and 8.5 Black
and White
5 – 12 12 Color
6 – 11 19 Color
7 – 14 Black
and Brown
6 – 12 5 Different
Color Choices
6 – 9.5 5 Color
5 – 10 5 Color
6 – 10.5 7 Color

Rockport Men's Walking Shoes

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Rockport Men’s Walking Shoes

Rockport’s walking shoes for men feature a synthetic sole, padded collar and tongue, latex footed and mesh lining that wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable while you are taking a walk for exercise or walking your dog.

The rubber outsole is durable and long lasting and the EVA midsole provide plenty of impact absorption.

These lightweight shoes are the perfect shoes for walking whether for exercise or pleasure.  The leather upper looks great too so these shoes are not only functional they are stylish as well.  Available in sizes 6 ½ to 14 and wide widths are available as well.  Consumers can choose from black, brown, chocolate, and chocolate nubuck.

Skechers Performance Women's Walking Shoe

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Skechers Performance Women’s Walking Shoe

Skechers is a very popular company for shoes and they are known for style and quality.  These women’s performance walking shoes are a great example of the quality they produce. 

The mesh fabric, rubber sole and seamless construction provides the wearer with a fit that is super comfortable.  These super lightweight shoes are the perfect ones to wear while taking your walk.

The Goga Max foot bed features a high rebound that will energize each step you take. The design of these walking shoes improves arch support and the 5GEN midsole cushioning give you plenty of support and comfort.  Another popular feature is the foot bed that is lined with bamboo; a natural antibacterial material that helps control odor.

These comfortable and breathable walking shoes are available in sizes 5-13 and there are 9 color choices available.

Skechers Women's Walking Sneaker

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Skechers Women’s Walking Sneaker

Another great pair of walking shoes from Sketchers is these women’s walking sneakers made from leather with a rubber sole.

The two-tone sneaker has a mesh and leather upper that provides plenty of breathability.  The sporty look of these shoes make them stylish as well as functional for all your walking needs.

Other features include a padded collar and tongue provides extra comfort whether you are walking on the sidewalk, on trails, or a country road.

TIOSEBON Women's Mesh Walking Sneakers

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TIOSEBON Women’s Mesh Walking Sneakers

Your feet will have an easy time breathing with the comfortable fabric upper this walking shoe features.  The elastic MD outsole is slip-resistant so you can walk safely in any area.

The slip on design is easy to put on and take off. These comfortable, mesh walking sneakers feature a thick sole that provides plenty of impact protection while you are on your walk.

They are the perfect solution if you are looking for lightweight, comfortable, and supportive walking shoes for errands, exercise, or even casual working environments. 

Other features include being water resistant, fast drying and supportive for those with foot pain. TIOSEBON walking sneakers are available in 12 different colors and in sizes 5-12.

Dreamcity Women's Lightweight Walking and Water Shoes

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Dreamcity Women’s Lightweight Walking and Water Shoes

Dreamcity brings you a walking shoe that is also suitable as a water shoe with features like being made from 90% fabric with a rubber insole and mesh upper that allows the feet to have plenty of air flow and breathability.   

The midsole gives the user excellent support, durability, and bounce for just the right amount of cushioning.

 The sock liner is made with ComfortDry technology that keeps your feet drier, cooler and ultimately healthier as well. The outsole will give the user lots of traction in slippery and wet conditions as well.  DreamCity’s walking shoes are available in 19 different colors for you to choose from and have a range of sizes from 6-11.

Summary of Our Top Picks

What you wear on your feet when walking is one of the most important decisions you can make whether you are going on short walks or a long hike.  The right footwear allows you to have a great walk without developing blisters, calluses, or other more serious foot pain. 

Walking is a great way to exercise without causing a lot of stress on your knees, ankles, and hips.  It is a great way to stay fit and can be a great tool for losing weight as well.  Just like with any other fitness activity, having the right equipment and making sure that it is quality equipment is very important. 

The ten walking shoe choices we have listed above on our chart represent the best and most popular walking shoes on the market.  Any one of these ten selections offer you a quality pair of walking shoes that will keep your feet protected, supported, and comfortable throughout your walks.

The buying guide below will help you learn how to choose the right walking shoe by sharing information on the most important features of a walking shoe, how to ensure you select the right size and much more. This information will give you the knowledge to make a confident decision that will give you everything you are looking for in a pair of walking shoes.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Buying Guide

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Buying Guide

If your shoes don’t fit the way they are supposed to it doesn’t matter how nice they are or how high quality.  Finding the right walking shoes is a little different than finding running shoes or other athletic shoes.  When a person walks the heel of their foot strikes the ground first and then rolls through to the ball of the foot. Walkers do not need the same features that runners do and this guide will help you with understanding what those features are.

Things to Consider

  • Support and Flexibility – Walking shoes need to be flexible to allow full range of motion of the foot when you are moving. Ideally the shoe needs to bend just under the ball of the foot and not randomly in the arch area. A stiff, rigid walking shoe will be very uncomfortable and can cause foot pain as well as blisters or calluses from not have any flexibility. 
  • Waterproof or Resistant – If you like to walk even when it is raining or snowy outside you want to get a walking shoe that offers water resistance or waterproofing features. This keeps the feet from getting wet while you are on your walk which can be very uncomfortable and cut the walk short, especially in cold weather. 
  • Walking Style – If you are just walking casually a few times a week you won’t need to worry too much about the type of walking shoe you choose. If you walk a lot or do it for serious exercise every day, look for shoes that match the kind of terrain you will be walking on the most. 
  • Weight of the Shoe – How heavy your walking shoes are will play a part in how tired you get while you walk. Look for lightweight shoes that won’t feel like lead weights on the ends of your legs. Running shoes are often so light that you can barely feel them. Your walking shoes should feel lightweight as well. 
  • Cushion – Although there is less impact to worry about when walking, you still need to think about the cushioning your walking shoes have. Look for cushioning under the ball of the foot for comfort and support while you are walking on any type of terrain. 

Walking Shoe Categories

There are three basic categories of walking shoes on the market:

  • Cushion shoes – If you are a long distance walker or spend a great deal of time walking, cushioned walking shoes provide the extra support you need. 
  • Performance shoes – performance walking shoes concentrate on being lightweight so you don’t add additional weight or problems to the activity at hand. 
  • Stability shoes – if you don’t have any problems with stability, look for shoes that provide plenty of motion control. If the opposite problem is the case, shoes that offer plenty of stability are offer.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Buying Guide

Helpful Walking Shoe Features

Being familiar with the basic parts of walking shoes can be a big help when it comes time to sort through all of the available choices. Many walking shoes have several different features that provide the walker with cushioning and stability.

  • Heel collar – a heel collar cushions the walker’s ankles and makes sure that the shoes fit properly. 
  • Insole – the insole of the walking shoes supports your arches and feet and cushions them as well. Some shoes come with insoles that are removable and can be washed or at the very least taken out of the shoes and allowed to dry between walks. 
  • Toe Box – This is where your toes fit. Many shoes have narrow toe boxes which can cause all kinds of problems with the feet. Look for walking shoes that have plenty of room for your toes and you will avoid uncomfortable problems that can affect your ability to take those walks. 
  • Outsole – The outsole of a walking shoe is the part that touches the ground. Most walking shoes have treat that provides necessary traction that will prevent you from slipping. 
  • Upper – The upper is typically made of synthetic materials, leather, or mesh. It is the part that holds the shoe onto your foot and contains the laces. Mesh is the best upper material because it allows plenty of air flow and breathability so your feet don’t get overly sweaty. 
  • Lasts – The part of the shoe that is the foot print for how the shoe is built as well as what the shape of the sole is. 

Types of Arches

There are several different types of arches that people can have. The type of arch that you have affects how your feet feel when you are walking or engaging in other activities that involve being on your feet.

  • Low arches / flat feet – low arches can cause joint problems and stress on the muscles of the foot. You may notice that being on your feet for extended periods of time result in sore feet. People with low arches should look for walking shoes that have motion control features and a last that is straight. This will help stabilize your feet and reduce the stress. Keep in mind that you can’t create arches where you don’t have them. Putting in arches that do not work for those with flat feet can result in even more discomfort. 
  • Neutral arches – People with neutral arches are right in the middle and do not have overly high arches or flat feet. The best walking shoes for neutral arches have midsoles that are firm and semi curved to straight lasts. Also look for walking shoes that have rear-foot stability that is moderate. 
  • High arches – High arches can cause a lot of strain on muscles and joints and tend to not absorb shock very well. You want to look for walking shoes that have a lot of cushioning that will make up for the lack of natural shock absorption that your feet have.  Curved lasts are also a good idea for those with high arches. 

If you are not sure of what type of arch your foot has, here is a quick and easy way to find out. Get a piece of cardboard and lay it on the floor.  Stick your foot in water and then step on the piece of cardboard.  If you can see most of your foot on the cardboard you have low arches.  If you see very little of the shape of your foot you more than likely have high arches.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes Buying Guide

Ensuring the Best Fit for Your Shoes

We have provided some tips below that will help you get the best fit for your walking shoes. When ordering online it’s much harder but the deals are so great online it’s usually the best place to purchase your walking shoes.  If you have the ability to go to a shoes store and try some on, do that so you can get a more precise idea of what to order online; that way you have a good fit AND the benefit of the online specials.

  • Whatever socks you will be wearing when you are walking should be the ones you wear to try on the shoes you are interested in. 
  • Don’t try on shoes until after you have been walking around for a while and also later in the day. This ensures your feet are at their largest and the shoes will not become too tight when your feet swell. 
  • Measure both of your feet before purchasing shoes and each time you go to buy a new pair. Foot sizes can change a little bit over the years. Stand up when you measure your feet for the most accurate measurement. 
  • If you have one foot larger than the other like many are, choose the shoes that fit the larger foot. 
  • You want to ensure that the shoes fit both feet well. One foot that feels great and one that is uncomfortable will still result in a less than enjoyable walk. 
  • Width is important as well so ensure that you choose the appropriate width for your walking shoes as well. Do not get wide width unless you truly need it.  Women who have wide feet may have better luck choosing men’s shoes which are a bit wider in the ball and heel of the foot. 
  • If you are able to try some shoes on before you order, walk around in them in the store and see how they feel. They should be comfortable right away and that you heel fits well and doesn’t slide around in the shoe which can cause blisters. 

When is it time to buy?

How do you know when it’s time to purchase new walking shoes?  Look for wear and tear that may not always be evident. You don’t want to wait to get new shoes until your current ones are falling off your feet.  Once the shoe starts to break down you have lost the benefits that the features once offered such as proper support and cushioning.

Look for worn or cracked outsoles. You don’t want to walk around on hard ground with cracks and holes in the bottom of your shoes.  If you have put 300 to 400 of walking on your shoes it is time to get a new pair.  Even if the shoes are not showing outward signs of wear and tear, once you have walked that much in them, they will have lost most of the protection they have provided against impact. 


Don’t ONLY look at labels when it comes to purchasing a quality pair of walking shoes.  Brand name does matter somewhat when it comes to reputation and quality but it shouldn’t be the only thing you take into consideration.  There are a lot of high dollar walking shoes on the market that have tons of bells and whistles yet are not flexible or comfortable.

One way to check up on the quality of the shoes once they are being worn is to look at customer comments.  This can give you a lot of insight to how the shoe performs once the consumers are wearing them and walking in them.

Now that you have finished this guide you should know a lot more about how to choose the right walking shoe and how to sort through all of the selections there are on the market.  The top ten list we provided and the five detailed reviews above offer you the chance to learn about specific brands and styles and see if any of them meet your needs and preferences. 

The buying guide has provided you with information that will help you determine what type of arches you have; explain features that are preferable in a good walking shoe and even when it’s time to purchase a new pair.  Take this information and use it to confidently research the brands and styles that you are interested in and choose the pair that has the features you are looking for and the support you want.  Happy walking!



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