Most Comfortable Hard Hat

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Reviews

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Reviews

Hard hats are a crucial part of many jobs, especially construction, electrician, and many others.  The role of the hard hat is to protect the user’s head from impact from debris, sun, rain, and other annoyances.  The best hard hat also needs to fit well and be comfortable as well so it does not interfere with job performance or safety.

A low quality hard hat is not only uncomfortable it can endanger the wearer if it does not meet the appropriate safety standards needed for the job at hand.  If you are looking to buy a hard hat you will need to understand what options are available as well as what features make one hard hat better than another.

There are many different styles and types of hard hats. The job you will be doing while wearing them is what determines the kind you will need.  It can be overwhelming if you are not sure what to look for.

This guide will give you the information you need to sort through the different choices on the market.  We have started by listing the top rated hard hats on the market along with detailed information about the top five.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Hard Hat

Rate Pictures Most Comfortable Hard Hats Colors Brim Style
7 Color Choices Cap and Full
17 Color Choices Full Brim
7 Color Choices Full Brim
9 Color Choices Cap Brim
10 Color Choices Full Brim
Blue, White Cap Brim
12 Color Choices Cap Brim
Black Full Brim
8 Color Choices Cap Brim
3 Color Choices Full Brim

MSA Protective Hard Hat

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MSA Protective Hard Hat

If you’re looking for quality and high safety standards, an MSA hard hat is the way to go.  With over 100 years of experience, their helmets are designed to ensure compliance with the necessary standards and to protect the workers who use these sturdy hard hats. 

The MSA hard hat offers superior protection without having to sacrifice comfort. The lug attachments in the rear of the hats are flush which eliminate pressure point problems.  The nape strap adjustment has three levels to choose from to ensure a customized fit.

Workers can choose from cap or full brim style and there are three suspension options to choose from as well so you can choose the hard hat that fits your specific working needs. The super smooth rotation of the ratchet provides a sturdy hold that doesn’t slip.  The comfort pad improves airflow and doesn’t pull the user’s hair.

Ridgeline Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat

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Ridgeline Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat

This sturdy hard hat from Ridgeline is made from ABS material that is super lightweight yet ultra-strong as well so you are protected without having unnecessary strain on your neck.  The easily adjustable ratchet suspension allows for easy modifications while you are wearing the hat. 

This hard hat has replaceable headbands, brow parts, and suspensions if necessary.  The convertible suspension can be adjusted from a 4 point to a 6 point suspension system. The Ridgeline is sturdy, strong, and provides plenty of protection.

Ridgeline has created a hard hat that offers all the protection you need at a great cost.  It contains all the necessary features you need while on the job including a padded swinging suspension, vented pressure pad, and more that will provide you with superior protection and safety every day on the job.

Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat

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Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat

The vented features of the Evolution hard hat keep the temperature inside the helmet down so your head doesn’t get too hot.  This comfortable and protective hard hat has been made to adhere to all ANSI/ISEA type I, class C requirements.

The shell of the hat is made from high-density polyethylene and features a full brim that protects against glare, sun, rain, and falling debris.  The 3D adjustment is a unique feature of this hard hat.  This feature provides users with an accurate and secure fit using the harness depth settings.

The wheel ratchet included with this purchase allows you to create an easy, form fit that is comfortable as well as functional. The sweatband of this helmet is treated with a porous PU coating that helps the band absorb sweat. This hard hat has a 6 point suspension system that has polyester textile straps.

Pyramex Ridgeline Vented Hard Hat

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Pyramex Ridgeline Vented Hard Hat

Another Pyramex product is the Ridgeline vented hard hat.  The lightweight, strong ABS material and low profile design of the hard hat gives the user a low center of gravity for just the right balance.  This hard hat features a 4 point harness that allows the hat to move up, down, backward, and forward.

The triangle knob adjusts the suspension from 6 ½” to 8” and is easy to grab and maneuver.  The entire hat is made from thermoplastic resin, providing the user with a hat that is rigid and super strong.  These Ridgeline hard hats are as much as 10% lighter than other hard hats made from other material.

Since this hard hat sits lower on the head, there is more security and more coverage which means more protection against injury. The sweatband is washable and can be replaced as needed. Last but certainly not least is the swinging rear suspension that is padded for a secure fit that is comfortable as well.

Fibre-Metal Full Brim Hard Hat

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Fibre-Metal Full Brim Hard Hat

This unique and flashy hard hat is made from injection-molded fiberglass to provide superior protection on the jobsite. 

The front sweatband is made from terry cloth fabric which is super absorbent and keeps sweat from interfering with your job performance.

This hard hat features a full brim for ultimate protection. There are a variety of flashy, noticeable color choices available for this style hard hat.  There is a suspension system with this hard hat as well.

Summary of Our Top Picks

All of the top rated hard hats listed above are excellent quality and have the necessary safety standards needed to keep you safe while on the job.  If you are looking to quickly purchase a quality hard hat, choose any one of the ten we have listed and you will have what you need.

Most people don’t know a lot about hard hats so it is important that you get a little bit of education on what makes a quality hard hat and what you need to look for during your research.

The five detailed reviews provide more information on the best of the best.  These hard hats are popular with consumers because of the reputations of the companies, the quality of the materials used in construction, and the options offered. 

The buying guide below will give you important information that you will need when researching different hard hats.  With this information you will be able to make a confident decision on the hard hat that will fit your needs and preferences.

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Buying Guide

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Buying Guide

The purpose of a hard hat is to protect workers from injuries due to falling objects or debris.  It can also protect workers from unpredictable dangers and even electric shocks.  Hard hats have changed a lot over the years and there are many very modern choices available.  There are also numerous accessories that are available including head warmers, flashlights, chin straps and much more. 

Hard Hat Types

Hard hats are classified three different ways: types, types of work, and classes. There are two basic styles of hard hats available. These are Type I and Type II.  A type I hat offers the wearer no lateral protection and protects the user from blows on top of the head such as a piece of wood or brick falling from above them. Type II hats offer more protection to the worker, both impact on top of the head as well as lateral protection, offering protection for the entire head instead of just the top. 

Hard Hat Classes

Hard hat classes are used for hard hats that are worn for electrical jobs. There are three classes of hard hat for this use.

  • E-class – An e-class hard hat will protect an electrical worker against voltages of up to 15,000volts or more. Only your head will be protected with an e class hard hat not your whole body so make sure additional insulated equipment is worn when working. 
  • G-class – The G in g-class hard hats stands for general use. They protect against half of the voltage that an electrical hard hat does. If are working with known low voltages, a g-class hard hat will be fine as long as the voltage is not above 2000 volts. 
  • C- Class – The C in a c-class hard hat stands for conductive. These hard hats are NOT to be used for electrical work of ANY kind and will just protect against impacts. 

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Buying Guide

Types of Work Hard Hats are used for

  • Industrial – These are the most common hard hats used on construction sites and other work environments where potential impacts are possible. These are the standard one piece round hats that everyone is familiar with.  Modern industrial hard hats are available in a variety of colors and can be purchased cap still or full brim. 
  • High- Temperature – This type of hard hat can withstand temperatures that are very high. These hard hats are made of fiberglass. Other types of hard hats can potentially melt in high temperatures and that can be very dangerous.  
  • Fighting Bushfires – This fiberglass hard hat is similar to the high temp hard hats. They are mostly used by firefighters due to the high temperature ratings. The difference between a high temp hard hat and a bushfire hard hat is that the bushfire hats also offer protection to the back of the head and the ears. 
  • Peaked – A peaked hard hat, also known as cap style has a front brim only. 
  • Full Brim – Full brim hard hats offer a bit more protection from the sun or rain and have a brim that runs all the way around the hat. 
  • Peakless – These hard hats are virtually brimless and have short peaks on them. These hats were prohibited due to the lack of proper protection they offer so make sure you do not purchase one of these.  The whole purpose of the hard hat is to protect, so it is very important to choose a hard hat that will offer that protection.

Hard Hat Colors

The color of a hard hat does have significance on the work site.  We have listed them below.

  • Green – Site inspectors
  • Blue – Electricians
  • Grey – Visitors to the construction site
  • Brown – Workers dealing with high temperature jobs and situations
  • Yellow – General workers
  • White – Worksite Managers

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Buying Guide

Features to Look For When Choosing a Hard Hat

There are many different factors that need to be considered when selecting a hard hat.  This information will let you know what the strong features are and what you should be looking for.

The deciding factor in what type of hard hat you choose is the type of work you do.  Are you a general laborer? An Electrician? What types of hazards will you be encountering on a regular basis?  The type of work you do will help you choose the necessary features that you need such as being insulated if you work with electricity and so on.  Don’t purchase a hard hat on impulse.  Your safety is at stake. Take the time to ensure that you choose the right hard hat for the job you do and for your preferences as well. 

Hard Hat Materials

There are three common materials that are used to make hard hats. Polyethylene is the most common material of the three listed.  High-density polyethylene is used in almost half of the hard hats on the market. This material is super strong and lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a weight on your head.  All three of the materials listed below are durable and strong so you are okay with any of them.

  • Polyethylene 
  • Aluminum 
  • Fiberglass

Information on Suspension

There are several types of suspensions used in hard hat construction.

  • Ratchet
  • Pinlock
  • Swing-ratchet
  • Touch-ratchet

It doesn’t matter what type of suspension you choose for your hard hat as long as the hard hat fits properly.  Your hard hat’s suspension is very important to the quality of your hat; as important as the type and class.  If you can, it is better to choose a 6-point suspension for your hard hat.  There are also hard hats with 4 and 2 point suspensions as well.  The importance of the suspension is that it provides additional protection against impact. Instead of the hat taking the full force, the impact will be distributed over the whole area of the hard hat.

Most Comfortable Hard Hat Buying Guide

Hard Hat Flexibility

The majority of hard hats today are very flexible but you don’t want it to be flimsy. A cheaply made hard hat that is super flexible will not provide you with very much protection at all.  The three materials used in hard hat construction that we listed above, fiberglass, polyethylene, and aluminum are all soft materials but they are resistant as well.  Don’t keep your hard hat in direct sunlight because it can become brittle and crack.  Material that gives a bit is fine as long as it is not too moveable.  A firm, rigid hard hat with proper suspension is going to be your best bet.

Adjustability of the Hard Hat

The adjustability of your hard hat is connected to the suspension mechanism the hat has. If you have a hard hat that is not adjustable that is a problem.  If the description says no mechanism and non-adjustable it is not the hat for you, you will just be wasting your money.

If the hard hat has a suspension mechanism (and it should) then it will have some degree of adjustability.  Having to stuff the hat to make it fit properly defeats the purpose of having it and lowers the protection level.

Comfort of the Hard Hat

Choosing a hard hat that is comfortable may not seem like an important point but it is very important.  An uncomfortable hard hat will cause you to be distracted and that also lowers the safety of the hat.  Suspension also plays a part in the comfort level of the hard hat.  The objective of your hard hat should be to be so comfortable you don’t even notice it is on your head.  This allows you to focus on the job at hand rather than an uncomfortable hard hat that doesn’t fit properly.  A 6-point suspension will offer the most comfort due to distributing the weight onto the bands of the hard hat. You can use liners as well. 

Hard Hat Accessories

There are several accessories that you may want to consider with your hard hat. Depending on the company, some may have these accessories already.

  • Lights – hard hat lights are great for working in low-light areas or at night. They are great for miners and road crews that work in the middle of the night. These lights are easy to add to your hard had and fit on the front and back. 
  • Liners – If you are working outdoors in super cold temperatures, you will appreciate hard hat liners. These cotton or fur caps fit inside the helmet part of the hard hat help to keep you warm.  
  • Chin straps – the chin strap of a hard hat makes the hat a lot more secure and stable. This is especially helpful when you have to do a job that requires bending or a lot of moving around. It also adds more protection since a hit from debris won’t be able to knock the hard hat off your head if it is secured with a chin strap. 


Now that you understand the different classes and types of hard hats, you should be more confident about sorting through the available choices and eliminate those that don’t work for you. That will leave you with plenty of great choices like the top rated ten hats we have listed above.

Although most people don’t like wearing them, they are a critical and necessary part of working on construction sites or other sites where there are hazards around that could harm you.  This is by far one of the most important pieces of equipment a worker can purchase.  Make sure that you are choosing a quality one.

The information in this buying guide will help you understand the purpose of the different classes, how to match the right hard hat with your job, and what suspension to look for and why.  The colors you choose are important too in some cases.  If you are choosing a hard hat for yourself for work around the home you can really have fun with colors.  There are some terrific colors out there available. 

If there is any question about the type or class of hard hat you should get for a particular job you have, be certain to ask the foreman.  There are stickers you can get for them as well such as caution, etc. that may be necessary. They will tell you all you need to know.  The main thing to remember is to not waste money on a cheaply made, low-quality hard hat or you could end up with a serious injury.

When it comes to safety you should never look for short cuts especially when it comes to protecting your head.  Use the information we have given you to find the perfect hard hat for your needs and make sure your money is spent on a hard hat you can trust.



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