Best HDMI Switches

Best HDMI Switch Reviews

Best HDMI Switches Reviews

While a majority of televisions available in today’s market come with HDMI capability, there are still several older, and simpler models of TVs that don’t come with HDMI ports at all. Whether you have a television that doesn’t have any HDMI ports, if you would like more HDMI inputs for your media streamers, speakers and Blu-Ray players—an HDMI switch is just what you are looking for. 

We have taken the time to review different HDMI switches and deemed that the Kinivo 501BN is the best product available right now. We’ve also browsed other top HDMI switches to help give you a comprehensive list of the leading HDMI switches available right now.

If you have a television that has only one (or no) HDMI ports, then you may be in need of a HDMI switch. This is a great tool that will bring HDMI capabilities to your TV and help make sure that you can hook up today’s latest technology to your television. When compared to buying an entirely new TV, this is a great budget-friendly solution that can help you get the technological capabilities you desire.

We have done hours of research of the different types of HDMI switches and the importance of what these products can actually offer. While the number of ports is one of the biggest and most important features to look for in a HDMI switch, we also found that speed, wireless remotes and the ability to support technologies such as 1080p and 3D were also very important features to look for. This is the criteria we used when comparing all of these HDMI switches.

Best Overall HDMI Switch

Kinivo HDMI Switch

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The Kinivo501BN HDMI switch is our top pick for best overall HDMI switch because it not only comes with five different ports, but it is a high-speed device that won’t come with any lag-time. We love that this switch has an IR wireless remote, so you can change the settings as-needed. The front display features bold red and blue lights that will indicate what ports are being used and the switch will actually automatically change based on the active device.

While these are all great features, our favorite perk is that this HDMI switch actually supports 3D and 1080 p output. Despite its power, this switch is small and compact, weighing just 12 ounces. This makes it easy to mount as part of your entire entertainment system. It also has a separate AC adapter, so you never have to worry about this device pulling too much power from your existing television.

Best Budget HDMI Switch

Goronya HDMI Switch

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The Bi-Directional HDMI Switch from Goronya proves that you can harness the power of HDMI technology without breaking the bank. This compact HDMI switch is super-affordable and it comes packed with features. What is most impressive is that this switch supports 4K, 3D and 1080p picture quality. It even supports 4K at 30Hz.

If you have Amazon’s Fire TV stick, Apple TV or Roku, there are even features designed to work with theses add-ons as well—and for video game systems. There is no need for a power source with this compact switch, as it pulls power directly from its connected inputs. The port is small, weighing just 2.6 ounces, but it does only have two HDMI ports, meaning you will need to utilize multiple switches to keep up with some larger models. Although for the price—it can still be a great way to save.

Best HDMI Switch for Video Game Use


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There are many video game users who rely on HDMI switches for all of their gaming needs. If you are looking for a HDMI switch for gaming—then USBNOVEL 3 Port 3×1 is the best product for you. This compact switch supports full HD 1080P, 3D and 4K. It comes in a durable iron case and can connect up to 3 HDMI inputs to a single display—making for a seamless transition between your different gaming devices. It has a user-friendly, plug-and-play setup so you can start using it right away.

One of the most unique features of this HDMI switch is that it doesn’t need an external power source when in standard mode, but comes with an AC adapter, should you need to use it in high-power device—delivering the best of all worlds when it comes to power supplies.

Summary of Our Top Picks

HDMI switches are a great addition to any home entertainment system, especially if your home’s television is unable to keep up with all of your existing external HDMI devices. When comparing HDMI switches, we found that it was important to look at the number of inputs available, which technologies the switch supports, power sources and additional features that help maintain speed with these devices. In addition to our top three picks, we also found these top-rated HDMI switches as well.

4. Zettaguard 4K HDMI Switcher
5. SMARTOOO 23031 HDMI Switcher
6. Fosmon HD1832 Intelligent 5-Port HDMI Switch
7. Levin High Speed Selector Switcher
8. J-Tech Digital 4-Port 4K
9. OREI HD-202 2×2 HDMI Switch
10. DotStone HDMI Switcher

HDMI Switch Buying Guide

Best HDMI Switches Buying Guide

If you are looking for a new HDMI switch for your home entertainment system, then there is no shortage of different options out there. Different HDMI switches are going to offer different perks and benefits and each are going to be designed with different types of users in mind—which can make the buying process more complex.

We know there is a lot to consider when shopping for a HDMI switch, and a lot of unique terms that accompany this type of technology. This is why we have taken most of the legwork for you and created a comprehensive shopping guide that will help highlight some of the key things to look for when buying one of these switches along with detailed information on how to ultimately decide on the best HDMI switch to fit your needs.

What Are the Benefits of a HDMI switch?

Before you start shopping for HDMI switches, it is important to really understand what it is that these switches can offer and what the unique benefits are of using HDMI switches. Simply put, a HDMI switch is a device that is used to select a video source for your television. This can mean a DVD players, gaming system, cable box or streaming device. You may have 3-5 different devices that need to be plugged into a HDMI input—but your television may only have one HDMI connection port.

One of the many reasons people use HDMI ports is because their old television simply cannot keep up to the demands of all of their devices. There are many TVs that only have one HDMI input—which can make hooking up multiple devices at once difficult. With a HDMI switch, you can turn an old TV with one HDMI input into a newer model with five different connection options—all without breaking the bank by buying an entirely new TV.

With a HDMI switch, you cannot only connect several devices at once, but it allows you to switch between different devices without any loss in your HD video quality and without needing to disconnect a plug the HDMI cable in and out of every device that you want to use.

Best HDMI Switches Buying Guide

Key Considerations When Shopping for HDMI switches

As you browse the different HDMI switches available today, there are a few key considerations to take a look at in order to find the best product for the money. This is why we have detailed some of the key features to look for when shopping for your new HDMI switch. While every shopper is going to have different needs when it comes to their HDMI switch, these are some of the features that can separate the top-quality switches from the other products currently available.

Number of Ports

This is one of the first things that you should look for when shopping for a HDMI switch. Some of the more basic switches on the market have two ports, ultimately doubling the HDMI capabilities of most televisions. However, some of the more advanced and powerful switches will have 3-5 ports. When shopping make sure to think about how many devices you are planning on connecting to your television to make sure your switch can accommodate you needs.

Switching Capabilities

Automatic switching capabilities are a must-have feature with any HDMI switch. However, that doesn’t mean that all switches come powered with this feature. The switch should be able to automatically transfer between whichever specific device is being used—without any manual interference. Your switch should be able to do all of the work for you.


HDMI switches come in a variety of different sizes. While some older models are actually quite large (sometimes to accommodate multiple ports), you should look for a device that is small enough and lightweight enough to easily mount or hide among your entertainment system. Look at the dimensions and the size of the HDMI switch first.

Ease of Use

When shopping for a HDMI switch, it is always smart to look for a device that comes with plug-and-play capabilities. This means you can instantly connect your switch to your television and all of your devices in an instant—without any difficult setup. There are some switches that involve more detailed installations and that are more complicated to operate. The right switch should be able to pick up on your devices automatically without any additional programming.


Since HDMI switches are designed to be rather simple and discrete, they typically don’t have too advanced of a display system. Typically, the switches will have different colored lights alongside each port to show the user which ports are in use and which are not. The display features don’t have to be advanced, but they should be easy to read and decipher.

Video Capability

Make sure to check and see what type of video capabilities that your HDMI switch has. Some types of HDMI switches will work with different types of video such as 4K, 1080P or 3D. However, not all switches work with all of these video and audio connections. You need to make sure that you check the switch first and keep in mind what type of video system you are planning on using your device with.


With a HDMI switch in place, it can be easier than ever to easily enjoy all of your favorite technological devices—without sacrificing HD quality. There is no need to plug and unplug cords when switching between devices, and no need to worry about upgrading your existing television to accommodate your other cable boxes, streaming devices and audio accessories. A HDMI switch can be a vital part of your home’s entertainment system, but in order to take advantage of all of the great benefits that these switches have to offer.



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