How Do Keyless Entry Locks Work

How Do Keyless Entry Locks Work

How does a keyless entry system work? If you’re a rather curious individual, you might have thought about this a time or two and wondered how it’s really all that different from the standard, traditional type of locking system. If you’re like most people, you probably have better things to worry about, and you simply don’t have time to think about this sort of thing. However, you’re probably going to be thinking about it a lot when you suddenly discover that your keyless entry system isn’t working any longer. In all likelihood, your first reaction will be to call a locksmith. After that, you might start to wonder how this keyless entry system really works. If you can come to understand it, it can help you better understand what could have potentially gone wrong in the first place.

The Difference Between Keyless Entry and a Traditional Lock

Obviously, the big difference that everybody notices is that keyless entry allows you to gain access exactly as the name implies, without a key. On the other hand, a traditional locking system requires you to utilize a key that is designed to fit that lock and only that lock, at least in most cases. Keyless entry has been used on automobiles for several years now, and today, it’s used almost exclusively when it comes to all types of cars. It’s also gaining ground in homes as well. The different types of systems that are used can vary a great deal, but the idea is to allow you to gain access either through entering a certain code that is punched in or through an electronic system that responds to the push of a button.

How Do Keyless Entry Locks Work

Different Types of Keyless Entry Systems

Basically, there are two different systems that you need to be concerned with. You can find both of them on automobiles, although one is far more likely to be found than the other. The most common type is the one that allows you to gain access to the automobile with the push of a button, in the form of a key fob that is issued to you from the dealership when you purchase the car. All you have to do is press the button to lock or unlock the car.

Some of the more advanced systems even allow you to start the ignition using this same key fob. This type of lock is operated on an electronic system. The key fob is battery operated, and when you press the button, it sends an electronic signal in much the same way that you pick up a radio signal with an antenna. When this signal is sent, the door is either locked or unlocked, depending on the button that you have pressed. The other type of system utilizes a code that you have to manually punch in on the exterior of the door. You don’t need a key, but you do have to have a combination to open the door. This particular type of locking system is also extremely popular in homes.

How Do Keyless Entry Locks Work

Potential Issues with Keyless Entry Systems

When traditional locks were the only style that was used, people could gain access by picking the lock. The more modern systems can only be breached by people who are far more technologically savvy than the average person. They’re able to manipulate the electronic signals that are sent in order to gain entry to either your home or your automobile, making it look like the system was never locked in the first place. Manufacturers are constantly trying to overcome these challenges by making their systems even more secure, but they’re in a constant race with the people that always seem to find new and innovative ways to break in.

The keyless entry locks have become so popular that they’re found far more often than traditional locking systems that feature a key and a tumbler lock. If you really want to know more about them, visit this site so you can decide which type of keyless entry system might be the right choice for you. The type that you choose will likely depend on the level of security you want, coupled with the convenience that you’re looking for. Having a better understanding of the different types of keyless entry systems that you can choose from puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding how secure you want that locking system to be in the real world.



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