How to Fix Squeaky Shoes

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Over time, many shoes can start squeaking and making annoying noises. This can not only be an annoyance to you but any annoyance to others around you. The good news is, just because a pair of shoes squeaks, it doesn’t mean that you need to repair your shoes entirely, or take them to get expensive professional repairs. In fact, you can often fix squeaky shoes on your own.

There are many different home remedies for shoe repair that can take care of those squeaks for good.

Locating the Problem

The first step to fixing squeaky shoes is to try to locate right where the problem is. Different parts of the shoe can ultimately have issues in them that may cause squeaking. These problems can be from issues in the actual construction of the shoe, moisture trapped in the sole of the shoe or even from general wear and tear.

In order to locate the source of the problem, you need to walk back and forth in the shoes and rock back and forth on your feet and rock side to side. You need to perform multiple movements so you can find what causes the squeak. Once you have located the individual shoe and the area of that shoe that squeaks, it will be easier to provide specific treatments to the area that needs it.

Fixing Squeaks With Baking Powder

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With a little baking powder or baking powder you can absorb moisture in the shoe that may be causing the squeak. This extra layer of powder can also help absorb some of the noise you are hearing when two parts of the shoe are rubbing together.

Now that you know where the problem is located, you can apply the powder in that area of that shoe to fix the problem.

If you have squeaks on the inside of the shoe, then lift up the insoles and sprinkle powder in the inner seam of the shoe. If you cannot remove the insole then rub the powder down along the edges of the shoe base.

If the tongue of the shoe squeaks, place the powder under the laces in the tongue and rub it into this area of the shoe.

If the base of your shoes are squeaking, then you may be having an issue with the air cushions in the shoe—this is most common in athletic shoes. Apply the powder into the base of the shoe along the seam near the air cushions.

Using Lubricants To Fix Shoe Squeaks

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WD40 can be used to remove persistent squeaks from shoes. Other lubricants that you can use if you don’t have WD40 include silicone spray or leather conditioner. Place the lubricant onto a cotton ball and rub it on the outside seam of the shoe working the lubricant along the entire outline of the shoe along the sole and the heel of the shoe.

Do not apply an oil-based lubricant on suede. If you are using a leather conditioner, then you should be applying the product with a soft, dry cloth.

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Saddle Soap for Squeaky Shoes

Saddle soap can be used for squeaky shoes. However, some people feel as though using too much saddle soap can dry out leather shoes. However, this soap should never be used on suede. While there is some debate, this soap should be more than safe for single or occasional uses. Apply the saddle soap in small quantities to the area of the shoe that is squeaking. Take a dry cloth and buff it into the shoe. This is a popular solution for squeaky tongues.

How to Fix Loose or Squeaky Heels and Soles

If the heels on your shoe are squeaking, especially if they are loose, then fixing the loose heel can help remedy the problem. You can re-attach the loose heel with super glue or rubber cement and apply pressure along the heel until the adhesive really stays in place. This only works on heels that are not made with urethane.

If the sole alone the heel is damaged, you can fill it in with silicone caulking material. You can use standard silicone for home repairs or use a specialized silicone that is meant for shoe repair. If you see a void in the sole of the shoe by filling in the sole with silicone until the void is completely filled. Once you have applied the caulk, clamp the shoes together with rubber bands and let it dry overnight.

Drying Out Wet Squeaky Shoes

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If your shoes only squeak when they are wet, such as boots, then drying out your wet shoes can be the key to getting rid of the squeaking is really making sure that the shoes get properly dried. This will prevent the shoes from squeaking right away and prevent squeaks from getting worse in shoes that get wet frequently.

There are many shoes that actually swell and change structure when they are wet. This is what causes squeaking in many shoes. Here’s how to properly dry out any pair of shoes:

  1. Remove the insoles from your shoes, if possible. Let them hang separately to dry.
  2. Stuff each of the shoes separately with bunched up newspaper. Make sure to stuff the newspaper down into the toe for the most absorbency possible. Allow to sit overnight
  3. Use a cedar shoe tree, if possible, to help the shoe maintain its shape and to help the shoe continue to dry.
  4. Leave the shoes on their side to dry at room temperature in a warm room. Do not lay the shoes near a heater or heat source.



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