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XVideoServiceThief (xVST) allows you to download videos from over 90 websites and convert them into a format of your liking. The list is quite expansive and it includes sites like MySpace, Vimeo, YouTube, LiveVideo, LiveLeak and much more.

xVideoServiceThief Download

You can go straight to the download here on sourceforge.net

  • xVideoServiceThief Version 2.5.2 – SourceForge Link
  • xVideoServiceThief 1.7.1 HD APK – No Download Available
  • xVideoServiceThief 2.4.1 Free Download for Android – No Download Available
  • Note: When you search for xVideoServiceThief 1.7.1 HD APK or xVdieoSeriveThief 2.4.1. for Android no available downloads are present. The only download is the current windows version that is 2.5.2. All of the links and downloads for version 2.5.1 are redirected to 2.5.2.


    Before we get started we need to state that downloading videos from YouTube and playing them back on other mediums is against their terms of service. YouTube specifically states that “you agree not to access Content through any technology or means other than the video playback pages of the website itself…” This makes it pretty clear that any program or website that enables you to rip YouTube videos is against their terms. We are not going to cover all of the terms of the 90+ video sites that xVST is able to download videos but it is in your best interest to look at their terms of service before doing so.


    With this amazing piece of video converting software you can…

    • Download videos from both HTTP and RTMP protocols.
    • Schedule your downloads for when you are not using your computer.
    • Download multiple videos at the same time.
    • Extend the functionality with custom built JavaScript plugins.
    • Pause your video downloads and resume them for later if needed.
    • Search for videos inside your library of downloads.
    • Drag and drop urls and links into the program and begin the download.
    • Configure your copy of xVST to automatically update itself with the latest updates.
    • Configure xVST to use a proxy server of your choice, however, this feature is currently under Beta.
    • Customize website that are allowed. This is a great feature if you plan on restricting access to sites for your kids.
    • Change the language to one of the 14 supported languages of the xVST software.
    • Enable the accessbility¬†features for those with a disability.
    • Use it on multiple platforms like Windows, Linx and MacOSX


    xVST has won over 25 awards including the QT Center award and the Shareware.de award for the best free software.

    Wondering what formats you can convert to? xVST is capable of converting any of your videos to the following formats:

    • AVI
    • MPEG1
    • MPEG2
    • WMV
    • MP4
    • 3GP
    • MP3


    xVST Forum


    We think that xVideoServiceThier is a really cool tool however it does have the word thief in the name of the software. It is packed with features and has over 90+ sites that it is able to download video files. If you are anything like me, I only consume video on 2 or 3 sites with YouTube being one of them. ¬†I can see this tool being useful if you are traveling and don’t have Internet access. Perhaps you want to download a few movies or your favorite videocasts / podcasts for your next flight.



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