Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet Review and Comparison

magic bullet vs nutri bullet

So, you want to purchase a personal blender and like the bullet models, but keep hearing about the Magic Bullet and the Nutri Bullet – and aside from price, can’t figure out what the difference is.  Well, we at ReadPlease wondered the same thing, so we set out put them side by side and ran some tests. 

First, both products are manufactured by the same parent company, Homeland Housewares, so they are in fact two different products, but both considered “bullet blenders.”  A bullet, or personal blender, came onto the market as an alternative to the standard full-size blender.  Years ago, the Magic Bullet introduced itself as a space saving replacement for a multitude of products including a full-size blender, food processor, and juicer.  The smaller, torpedo-like shape of its mixing jar resembled a bullet, thus the name.  These machines are considered personal, or single serving blenders and NOT juicers.  A juicer is a different item altogether.

A lot of companies have tried to get on the bullet bandwagon, but the shape of these blending jars is exclusive to the Magic or Nutri Bullet, so buyer beware of knockoffs!  Other personal blenders do work well, but these two are considered the originals and leaders of the personal blender market.

Ok, so let’s break it down – and for this, we will look at these two models:



We know that cost is going to likely determine which one you purchase no matter what the features or reviews are because your budget dictates that.  The Nutri Bullet’s more powerful motor gives it a price tag that is double that of the Magic Bullet, but you will find that motor to be a huge asset when you’re blending ice and more cruciferous vegetables.


Motor matters.  It matters for both longevity of your blender because if you are “stressing it out” with constant use, along with food that it has to work hard to puree, you’re likely to burn out the motor.  So look for wattage – the higher, the better when you want a liquefied drink or less of the pulp from your produce. The Magic Bullet has a 250 watt motor compared to the strong Nutri Bullet’s motor at 900 watts.


You need a base and a blending jar, but it’s nice to have more sometimes, and if bells and whistles impress you, then you will probably like all of the accessories that the Magic Bullet provides.

The Magic Bullet accessories include

  • (2) Tall 18oz
  • (1) Short 12oz
  • (1) stainless steel cross blade
  • (1) travel lid with flip top
  • (2) stay fresh resealable lids
  • (1) comfort lip ring

The Nutri Bullet accessories include

  • (2) 32-ounce blending jars
  • (1) hardcover cookbook
  • (1) travel handle
  • (2) comfort lip rings

Opening Size of Blending Cup

The size of the blending jar opening is important if you tend to load up on a lot of items in your shake or smoothie.  Leafy greens can crowd up a jar if it is too small. The Magic Bullet’s opening is 3 inches where as the Nutri Bullet is 3.75 Inches.

nutri bullet vs magic bullet cup size

Magic Bullet on the left with its smaller opening and four blade blenders; Nutri Bullet on the right with a larger blending jar and six blade blenders.

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet Tests

The Oatmeal Test

oatmeal test

We did some side by side testing to show you the differences in how you might use your bullet.  First, we blended a ¼ cup of old fashioned oats for 30 seconds.  While both did a great job, the Nutri Bullet on the left gave us a much finer powder like flour, whereas the Magic Bullet had larger pieces mixed with the blended ingredients.

The Strainer Test

strainer test

Second, we blended a cup of water, a handful of kale chopped but with the stems on, a quarter piece of lemon with the rind, and two ice cubes.  Again, we did this for 30 seconds.  Both mixtures had pulp, but the pieces were larger with the Magic Bullet compared to the smoother blend of the Nutri Bullet.  We could have left them both on longer to get an even finer consistency.

During both tests, the Nutri Bullet was considerably louder, as would be expected with a motor of that power.

How Are They Similar?

Both work with a load and lock process. You will fill up your blending cup with whatever ingredients you want to be mixed up, starting with the heavier produce or ice first, and then your liquids.  Be sure to adhere to limits indicated on the outside of the blending cup with the words “MAX.”   Then affix the blade by screwing it on tightly.  Turn your blending cup over to make sure that it’s no tightly and not leaking any liquid.  Now you will place the mixing jar onto the base unit with the blade side down, aligning the plastic tabs with the spaces on the base where they fit.  You can either push down with a pulsing motion for quick blending or push down and turn for a continuous blend.  If you are using a powder or shake, you will likely have to blend the minimum time, but this is at least 30 seconds.  Harder vegetables and frozen fruits are going to take longer.   Both models are dishwasher safe.

Details on the Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Series

nutri bullet blender

Nutri Bullet uses what they call “nutrient extraction” to break down the food that you put into it.   Nutrient extraction means that the fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and so on, are broken down into their most absorbable state.  Their claim is that the cellular wall is broken down of these fibrous plants so that the vital vitamins and minerals are released.  The smooth texture of the drink is then easily digested and absorbed by the human body.  The smooth texture gives you the “highest degree of nutrition your food has to offer” according to their research.  Additionally, you will give you seven servings of fruits and vegetables per blend.

Details on the Magic Bullet

magic bullet blender

The Magic Bullet is going to give you a chunkier blend no matter how long you leave the unit on for – but you should be aware, you should not leave your base operating for more than 60 seconds at a time – that’s our suggestion.  If your smoothies and shakes require a couple of ice cubes, that won’t be a problem for the Magic Bullet.  It is also going to give you a nice option for shaved ice, whereas the Nutri Bullet might tend to liquefy ice cubes too quickly.


We love both the Magic and Nutri Bullets and have both appliances in our kitchens at home.   And if your budget allows, we recommend having them both.  The Nutri Bullet will give you a better blend of shakes and smoothies, and the Magic Bullet will offer more functionality as an all-around kitchen appliance.  But perhaps your budget or space constraints don’t allow for both right now, and you want to start with one.  Well, ask yourself how you will be using this tool and then decide from there.  If you are looking for a tool that will provide you with a multitude of kitchen functionality in one small appliance, go for the Magic Bullet.  You’ll be able to make sauces, salsas, grind coffee, and make smoothies as well in this handy and well-made model.  If your goal is more focused on the nutritional benefits of a bullet, and you want to make a daily blend that includes fibrous greens and nuts, the Nutri Bullet will be more suited to you. The ability to make larger portions, nut flours – or oats – in larger batches will be something that would be beneficial to have in the larger size blending jar and more powerful motor.  You’ll be able to pulverize almonds, crush kale, and mix up drinks daily and without much pulp in your drink.




Author: Danielle G.

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