Boosted Board 2nd Gen Dual+ Review

boosted board in box

After three weeks of enjoying the 2nd Gen Dual + version of the Boosted Board, I highly recommend it. Boosted makes a wonderful product that is durable, very stable and super fun to ride. In the content below you will see a review of the Boosted Board and the thought process I went through to decide which electric skateboard was best for me. The bottom line… buy a Boosted Board

Recently, I’ve become fascinated with electric devices. I have several hoverboards, an e-bike and now the latest version of the Boosted Board. This review we are going to cover the 2nd Gen Dual+ Version of the Boosted Board and why I decided to go with Boosted rather than the other electric skateboard companies out there.

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Why I Chose the Boosted Board

I was open to purchase any electric skateboard brand that met my criteria. The last time I was on a skateboard was 25 years ago, so I’m a beginner and over 40. My requirements were:

  • A board that is easy to ride.
  • A reliable board that isn’t going to lose connection.
  • A board that can carry a 250lb rider.

The three most popular brands that met all of my criteria were Boosted, Genesis and Evolve. There are other brands out there but my research led me to compare the boards from these three companies. I’ve watched a few videos of electric skateboards that lost connection while riding or skateboards that were foot-controlled. I wasn’t interested in any of these as reliability and ease of use were the two items on top of my list. Here’s a comparison chart of the specs of each more well-known company and their board.

Brand Boosted Genesis Evolve
Board 2nd Gen Dual+ Tomahawk Bamboo GT 2in1
Deck Material 100% Bamboo 8 ply Maple 7 ply Maple & 2 ply Bamboo
Charge Time 1.25 Hours 2.5 Hours 3.5 Hours
Motors 2000 Watts 520 Watts 3000 Watts
Weight 15 lbs 17 lbs 17 lbs
Max Speed 22 mph 20 mph 26 mph
Battery Range 7 Miles 20 Miles 21 miles
Hill Climbing 25% 15% 25%
Max Rider Weight 250+ 264 220

After reading reviews and watching some YouTube videos I quickly learned that the Boosted Board was the best board for me. It appeared to have a more stable ride compared to the Evolve boards and was more powerful compared to the Genesis boards.  I’m not interested in pushing a board to the limit speed-wise and this was the biggest advantage with the Evolve boards.  They have a more powerful motor and now that I have the Boosted Board, the power is more than enough. You can quickly get to 20+ mph. I did consider Genesis because of the price but not being able to swap wheels without swapping the entire motor was a show stopper for me. I also want to note that the advertised range of the Genesis and Evolve boards are much different than what customers are reporting. Boosted appears to be the only company that accurately describes the battery range.

Ordering and Shipping

I ordered the Boosted Board on their website on 5-3-2017 and it was delivered on 5-18-2017. Boosted stated it would take 2 to 4 weeks to receive the board and it was right on time. The following pictures aren’t from the original unboxing. As you can see I have rode this board for almost 3 weeks at the time of this review and have a little wear and tear. In the box you receive, the Boosted Board, Controller, Charger and Quick Start Guide/Manual.

boosted board unboxing

The Review

My initial thoughts were the wheels are really large which is great because you don’t want a small rock to throw you off the board. Boosted ships their boards with 80mm wheels. The board felt and looked like quality. The bamboo deck is really flexible so if you are a heavy rider you’ll need to stand close to the trucks. First impressions are the board looks well-made and I’m excited and scared to take it for my first ride. I charged the board for an hour before riding it and read the manual while I waited. To turn the board on, just hold the orange power button on the board for 2 seconds and do the same with the remote control. It will connect via Bluetooth in a matter of seconds. If you press the orange power button on the board the 5 LEDs will light to display how much battery life is left. You can also check this on the controller by pressing the power button once. There is an app for iPhones but not for the Android Play Store.

There are four power levels to the Boosted Board and they recommend you start on power level one. I took their advice and quickly noticed that there wasn’t enough power to get me going slightly uphill on a 2% grade. After I switched it to power level two, instant success, I was able to go without any issues. The first ride I was extremely cautious, remember I haven’t been on a skateboard in 25 years. The trucks were a little too loose for my liking but it was fun. I tightened up the trucks and after several rides, up and down the street I found that power level 3 was the best for me as it provides enough get up and go as well as stopping power.

The Boosted Board is confidence inspiring, the more you ride the more the easier it becomes. It’s very stable at speeds around 15 mph, which is my preferred speed.  I’ve had it over 21 mph and even though it is stable at these speeds, it’s also very scary. I would hate to fall off the board going that fast as it would most likely result in a trip to the ER or worse.


boosted board battery
I have a little mud on the board from going out after it has rained. It goes over small rocks, little sticks, gravel, and mud very well. I have yet to take a spill (fingers crossed).

boosted board trucks

The board is very durable. I have a little lip at the end of my driveway and it scratches the guards on the trucks. You can replace these if they become too worn. You can replace most parts on the board which is another reason why I selected the Boosted Board. My only complaint is there should be a hard plastic cover or tip for the front and the back of the board. When you kick the board up after your done riding or just setting it down to ride, I often scratch the back tip of the deck as shown in the picture below.

boosted board deck

Not sure if it is recommended but I’ve rode the board when it was wet out, not raining, but wet. The components are well hidden from the open air and potential water. The board performed well on the wet pavement although, I did notice it would slip a little bit when taking off and stopping.

boosted board with remote control

boosted board power indicator

The controller is really easy to use and it’s very responsive. You have to pull the trigger to engage the controller and then use your thumb to control your forwards or backward motion. The speed controller is on a spring it’s easy to control your speed. As soon as you let the speed with your thumb the board quickly reduces it’s speed without being jerky from a loss of power. If you pull back with your thumb it puts the motion in reverse and quickly stops the board. Look at my stopping power test.

Speed & Stopping Power Test

I tested the board on power level four for max speed going up and down my street. There is a 2% grade on my street. The max speed going down the street was 21.2 mph and 18.3 mph going up the 2% grade. I conducted two stopping power tests where my son and I drew a chalk line on the street and measured the distance of the board at a complete stop from where I began braking. The first test was conducted at 14 mph and I came to a complete stop in 32 feet. The second test was conducted at 17 mph and I came to a complete stop in 33 feet.

To conduct the speed test I wore the Garmin Forerunner 910XT.

top speed of the boosted board 2nd gen

Battery Range Test

I didn’t drain the battery but I did travel 3.15 miles during this test. Also, keep in mind that I was in power level four and was conducting speed tests. I don’t normally ride this fast. 12 to 15 mph is a great cruising speed. At the end of these speed and stopping tests I went for a ride in the neighbor hood where I climbed several hills with over a 5% grade. At the end of the ride there were still two of five power levels left. The Boosted Board’s advertised battery range is 7 miles on a single charge and this is as advertised. They are releasing their extended battery that will go up to 12 miles later in 2017. I find that 7 miles is plenty for a single ride. After a mile or two I usually have to get off the board and stretch my feet.


battery test for boosted board

Charging the Battery

Boosted claims you can charge the battery 100% in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I also find this to be true. It charges extremely fast and the controller rarely needs charged. You’ll need a mini USB (not micro) cord to charge the controller.

charging the boosted board and controller

Great to take on vacation too. Here’s a pic of me riding the Boosted Board at Kure Beach, NC.boosted board in kure beach

Wear a Helmet

If you are going to ride any skateboard you should be wearing a helmet. I wasn’t wearing a helmet during this test and that is stupid and wrong. I do ride with a helmet every time I get on the board now after watching some crazy videos where helmets save lives like this:


The Boosted Board is an extremely fun toy and a blast to ride. I’m 41 years old and I’m known as the “Old Guy” in the neighborhood who rides the electric skateboard. People will definitely look at you weird and a little confused too as not many people know they exist. I ride it daily and will continue to do so until I get bored. It’s a great way to relax if you have roads or paved trails where you can safely ride. The board is fairly loud so not only will people wonder what you are doing they will also hear you coming a mile away.

I also want to note that I’m thinking about buying the Genesis Tomahawk for my 13-year-old son. I will do a review comparing the two boards after his birthday.

UPDATE: After hearing from a few folks on the Boosted sub Reddit, /r/boostedboards/, I won’t be testing the Genesis for my son. One user stated that it frequently lost connection. Anyone else have that experience?
Let me know in the comments below.



Author: Ryan M.

Ryan is the Founder of ReadPlease. When he's not working on reviews you will find him riding his electric skateboard or hanging out with his family poolside.

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