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best spiralizer
We spent over 40 hours researching spiralizers to bring you the overall best one for your kitchen.  While we feel confident with our recommendation of the OXO Good Grips as the best overall addition to your kitchen. If having less mess in preparation, and more options are what you’re looking for, the Mueller might be a better choice for you.

As we become more educated about health and wellness, incorporating plant-based eating into our diet is on every plan and roadmap to living longer, with more vitality, increased energy – and perhaps decreased weight!  The spiralizer is a kitchen addition that will allow you to get those daily fruit and vegetable servings – and do it with flair and creativity.

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Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Spiralizer

We picked the OXO Good Grips Spiralizer because it provided the functionality that we needed in the simplest form. We loved the storage and the effectiveness of the model for the cost point.

Runner Up: Mueller Spiralizer

The Mueller was chosen as the runner up because it was more confusing to assemble, but once we figured it out, it would have been our top pick because of the clean process with the container and more options. The storage is also great, but a tad more cumbersome with the additional parts to fit in the container.

What is a Spiralizer?

what is a spiralizer
You may be asking ‘what is a spiralizer?’ A spiralizer is a kitchen tool that takes a whole vegetable, or fruit, and spiralizes it into a noodle using (most often) manual power to twist it through a blade, resulting in a variety of noodle shapes and sizes.  It has gained popularity as the low carb movement takes hold, and as everyone is looking for a substitution for pasta, and so it seemed a zucchini quickly became a ‘zoodle.’  We all know that more fruits and vegetables are good for any diet, but finding a way to make that easy, well, isn’t always easy.

How We Selected

how we selected spiralizers
To get started, we researched how people are using spiralizers in their cooking – hello, Pinterest search for spiralizer recipes.  The popular Paleo diet eliminates a lot of carbs and grain options, so the small blade that makes a spaghetti type of “noodle” was important to have available on every model that we’d test since pasta substitution is key in most of these recipes.  Next in our research, we turned to food bloggers who had so many great ideas, with many being solely focused on JUST SPIRALIZING, and finally, we researched the data that Consumer Reports had put out regarding spiralizers.  What we found were articles that focused on the benefits of healthy eating and incorporating plant-based foods into your diet, but not a direct recommendation.

There are hand-held, vertical handle, horizontal handle, those with containers, without containers, and an endless option of blades and add-on features. The blade options can allow you to grate, shred, spiralize, make ribbons, and create other diverse types of noodles – think fettuccine, spaghetti, and so on. If you are going to go with a countertop option, you will want to consider looking for suction on the bottom of the unit, because we found that they do move around a lot, and they don’t stay put even if you get them to at first.

We narrowed it down by making price the initial decisive factor, with the handle style being second, and blade options next.   Now with our criteria narrowed down to a budget range of $25-50, tabletop model, and a few blade options, we were down to three selections.

oxo good grips spiralizer

The most popular models seem to be the horizontal style, and at first glance, they all look relatively similar, so we narrowed it down to two models, the Spiralizer brand (model of the same name) and the OXO Good Grips Tabletop Spiralizer.  Both offered a variety of blade options, with the suction cups for stability on both as well. 

mueller spiralizer

We then chose the Mueller option so that we could test the vertical push down type, and this also had an additional feature of a container and double the cutting options, with eight blades, a mandoline slicer, and a juicer. 

handheld spirlaizer

Finally, we wanted to try out a hand-held option, which falls into a more budget-friendly price range, so we chose the OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer to test out that functionality. With recipes in hand, we wanted to see how easy it was to whip up something healthy and quick –  for both the adult testers on site and the kids at home that we want to get eating more vegetables!  There are options that were out of our budget range that we saw when researching, but we had to ask ourselves, does it make THAT much of a difference?  We decided that keeping the options within the range of most of the models offered was best.  As with any kitchen gadget, the quality of ingredients that you use will ultimately have an enormous impact on your overall like or dislike of not only the process of using a kitchen item but the result – a tasty meal!

How We Tested

spiralizer test vegetables
We purchased several pounds of vegetables that could be used in the spiralizer with different recipes, utilizing all the blade options that we had with each model.  Cucumbers, apples, potatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, and beets…we wanted different shapes, sizes, textures, and as much variety as we could find.  When in doubt, spiralize it!  The ease of use was tested with all models because that’s probably going to prevail over everything once you have it in hand!  It’s frustrating to purchase a kitchen gadget that ends up just taking up space because it’s too challenging to use. Because we know if it’s not easy to assemble and prepare food with, it will stay in the box, so we made our primary test a time based one of setup and use. 

spiralizer setup and use

We opened each box to make sure all parts were there, then removed protective labeling, washed the parts in warm soapy water, and prepared a 2-inch piece of potato. 

A very important observation here, get a dish brush to wash the blades, they are SHARP, and even a dishwasher won’t get out the pieces of food that remain in the blade.

Our timer started with the items out, and ready to go, but not all assembled.  This test was our second go-round of assembly, so your initial setup time may take a bit longer. We timed how long it took to setup and spiralize a 2″ potato. Below are the results in seconds.

OXO Good Grips

45.40 seconds


46.17 seconds

Mueller (Winner)

23.45 seconds

OXO Handheld

33.61 seconds

Here are some pictures of the actual test.

timed setup test

mueller setup

Feature Comparison

oxo good grips mueller spiralizer
View View View View
Brand OXO Mueller Spiralizer OXO
Style Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Handheld
Orientation Horizontal Horizontal Vertical Vertical
Suction Cups 1 4 2 0
Number of Blades 3 5 4 1-3
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Excellent Fair Excellent Excellent
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime

Each packaged unit comes with an instruction book.  Here’s what we found to be universal among every single model: the instruction books are terrible.  We ended up going online to find videos by each of the manufacturing companies, and those did show how to assemble and use their products, but that’s not always easy to do when you are mid-recipe.  So, therefore, our second BIG insider tip, is to familiarize yourself with your spiralizer before you go to use it. And be warned, they make it look super easy in these videos, which is not always the case.  You will feel clumsy; we know we did.  But practice makes perfect, and we found that the more we tested, the easier it was, so don’t get discouraged.


Best Overall – OXO Good Grips

oxo good grips spiralizer main.  But most of all because it was simple to assemble, simple to clean up, and the storage was fantastic for when it was not in use.  The crank handle inserts into the base, and it comes with a case to store the three blades, that then clicks ONTO the base unit.  The storage option is a good feature because you won’t need to be shuffling around the cupboard to find all the pieces that you need, and you won’t accidentally cut yourself while reaching into a drawer to pull out one of the exposed blades.  Bright color coding of red, orange, and green identifies the cut of each blade, so as you become more familiar with the spiralizer, you can easily choose which style of noodle you’d like for your recipe with a quick glance rather than having to pull them each out. The three blade options include a spaghetti cut of 1/8 inch; a fettuccine cut of ¼ inch, and a ribbon cut.  The handle rotated smoothly and continuously with a good grip, although you do have to modify the size of your produce to maintain movement – anything too large will unbalance the base.

The suction was a single circular piece on the bottom, so it was easier to get in place and not have to worry about the other suction cups like the other two models have.  However, we did use it on wood as well as on a laminate countertop and had movement with both, but the laminate did hold a bit longer at first.

The simplicity of this model is what was most appealing.

Runner Up – Mueller Spiral Ultra 4-Blade

mueller spiralizer main

The Mueller Spiral Ultra model gave us a close runner up, if not a tie for overall favorite.  The main – and perhaps only reason it was slightly behind was that the additional features and add-ons are not clearly marked, and for that reason made it hard to figure out how to use it initially and set up when we were getting started.  The instruction manual was not clear, and we had to look on the box for setup configuration.  Further research on the Mueller site would have eliminated that (which is why we strongly suggest watching the manufacturer videos).  Different than the other tabletop models because of its vertical push style handle, this was one tester’s favorite because of the “less mess” points it scored with its clear and labeled container – great for measuring as well. 

mueller spiralizing cucumbermueller spiralizer container

Although the container is great, it can also hinder your speedy spiralizing time if you have to stop and unload the contents as it fills up.  One of the selling points with this style is that you will use gravity to do the work, rather than needing two hands.  We found that to be true, but two hands were still needed to hold the unit in place.  This model comes with four blades that include a julienne style, a grater or shredder – something to consider if fresh ginger or Parmesan are on your table a lot, a spaghetti style spiral noodle maker, and a thicker spiralizer that is great for curly fries.  

mueller juicer

The citrus juicer attachment slides over the top to give you an easy way to incorporate even more fresh food in your day, and there is also a hand-held feature that adds to the safety of this product.  All of the parts fit into the container and slide back into place for great storage, and the two suction cups on the rear ‘feet’ of the model allow for better stability.  Although this model, like all of the others, wasn’t prone to staying still on the wood or laminate counters as easily or for as long as we would have liked.

Mueller has designed this with a goal of being your one stop shop for kitchen wizardry and have tried to give you functionality necessary for all recipe preparation.  They also offer a lifetime warranty and live telephone customer support.

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

spiralizer setup and use

This type of model is the style that seems to be “most duplicated” on the market.  There were five blades that arrive with the base unit and handle, a fine shredding (spaghetti), a flat for ribbons and chips, curly fry blade, coarse shredding blade (thicker spaghetti or bucatini-like noodle), and an angel hair for fine, delicate noodles.  It worked well, and performed pretty much the same as the OXO model, but had clunky storage options, and only allowed you to keep two blades in the built-in storage compartment of the unit.  With most kitchens having limited storage, and a loose or exposed blade being a danger for many reasons, we rank this style lower on the list.  You can store one blade in the unit, and two more in the base.  But where do the other two go?  The assembly was pretty straight forward and easy to do, and the higher leg style gave you the option to spiralize right into a bowl, which is a nice feature.  The pressure was easy to apply and maintain on the unit as it pushed the produce through.  The four-tab suction cups held decently but weren’t as convenient as one pad like on the OXO model.  However, it’s the four legs that give this the height we mentioned earlier.  So, it’s a tradeoff of form over function – or is it function over form?  We do like that Spiralizer offers a no hassle lifetime replacement warranty, and if you like this style of model, you’ll find a variety of brands to choose from.

Best Portable – OXO Good Grips Hand Held

oxo handheld spiralizer

While we’d choose this as the Best Portable option because did work to spiralize a spaghetti style noodle, it was limited in its capacity to give a variety of options.  We found that it was clumsier to use than the tabletop models, and the top section where the blade is located was hard to clean.  While it is dishwasher safe, the way that the produce runs through the blade creates a lot of stuck produce and leaves residual food scraps.

This model was the least favorite of the team for larger recipes that require more spiralizing and preparation, but if you are looking for a quick tool that would give you a single spiral or maybe even for decorating your plates with different spirals, this would be a good item to have on hand.  It worked, but at half the cost of the others, you’ll get more use of a spiralizer by upping your budget and purchasing one of the table top models.

As far as taking up space, and storage, this was, of course, the easiest one because of it’s small size.  The pop off lid is designed for holding produce in place when you got too close to the end, but the potato that we used was a like a stripped screw and didn’t have any grip or hold with this piece.  So we just used our hands and spiraled as far as we could get down close to the blade.

Your produce will need to be cut up into much smaller and more manageable pieces.  As you can see in these images, we tried a full zucchini at first that was going nowhere fast but became easy enough to handle when it was cut into three pieces.

The results were decent, but also more chopped up and not long continuous pieces like the table top models offered.

Handheld models are available in this circular style, as well as a double-sided cone shape.  We did not test those because one of our testers had previously tried that at home and found it to be not as effective and chopped up the vegetables into a chip-like mess.

Spiralizing Best Practices

Here is our advice for ALL spiralizers, regardless of the model that you choose. We found that each of the models had things that you’ll want to know ahead of time so that you can successfully use the product with as much output as possible, and as little frustration as possible too!

  • Works best with firm fruits & vegetables, at least 1.5” in diameter
  • Once you spiralize or cut watery produce (zucchini, cucumber) take a bit to let strain or pat with a paper towel so that your recipe doesn’t get too wet once assembled
  • Before spiralizing, be sure at least one end of the produce has been cut flat to maintain a good grip in the spiralizer
  • Don’t forget to wash and peel food before spiralizing (if end recipes calls for peeling)
  • Get a cleaning brush for the blades, food is easily stuck whether you use a dishwasher or not, and those blades are SHARP!
  • The size of your produce should be cut to remain only as long as the unit itself – overextending creates an unbalanced situation and won’t allow you to maintain movement of the spiralizer.
  • Circular fruits and vegetables provide a continuous string or spiral, but if you have an odd shaped item, it will cut but into singular pieces. For example, a butternut squash is likely too large for all units, so it may not provide a long string, or noodle, easily.

What We Liked

  • Most manufacturers have videos on their YouTube channels that provide clear instructions on the safe and efficient operation of the product, watch those BEFORE you begin. It’s worth the 10 minutes it will take.
  • Increased fruits and vegetables in your meals – and a seemingly endless amount of ways to use them in recipes!

What We Didn’t Like

  • Manuals are not concise or clear with any of the models that we tested. We suggest that you watch manufacturer videos on any product that you choose for complete setup and use instructions.  They will make it appear easy – don’t feel bad when you are much clumsier than the demonstrator!
  • None of the suction cups worked well on a wood or laminate countertop. They held somewhat but needed to be wet to get any grip at all.  They slid around a lot and lost their grip even on a surface that initially gripped well.  You will need two hands to get a good spiral.
  • Consider your produce – carrots are not a great idea to spiralize, there is too much waste, and they don’t maneuver through easily
  • There will be a food left over that isn’t spiralized, and some may consider this also unnecessary waste. The middle is cored out when spiralizing, so you’ll lose a bit of the produce when you add this method to your recipes.



Spiralizers are a wonderful way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into yours, and your family’s diet.  They create variety and a fun way to spruce up your meals.   We lead busy lives and want efficiency, so choosing a product that will fit in your kitchen space, will be easy to clean, and matches your budget is important.

While grains will also have a place on our plate, it’s important to get the boost that comes from the fiber in plant-based foods, and finding a way to make that fun – especially with kids in a family – is not always easy to do.  A spiralizer will help you to do just that.  And who isn’t always looking for fun and fortifying ways to make use of any overabundance of those versatile vegetables from our summer garden crops?  Traditional pasta will always be a treasured part of our plate, but sometimes, you want variety, and a spiralizer can give you just that – and did we mention it can make you look like a seasoned chef with the fancy food you’ll create?




Author: Danielle G.

Danielle is an Editor for ReadPlease and in charge of product testing...she started out in the IT industry, but then her love of wellness & whole nutrition led her to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition...when she's not reading up on that, she is listening to music, gardening, or trying to meet John Mayer.

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