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You don’t need snake proof boots. That is until a snake bites you.  Then you’ll realize why you need this type of protective gear for your feet and lower legs.  We spent 30 hours looking at the top brands and models of the snake proof boots out there and did the research into what sets each one apart from the next.  We chose the LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot because they offered the most coverage with 18 inches, a waterproof exterior, lace and zipper closures, and a scent repelling layer that provides an additional level of protection.

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Best Overall: Snake Boots

The LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot offers a complete coverage of the boots that we reviewed, including more area of material on the leg, the highest at 18 inches.  LaCrosse includes a side zipper in addition to lace up closures.  The side zipper allows for easier on and off, and the laces give you a snug fit the entire length of the boot.  LaCrosse also includes their scent repellent in this waterproof boot.

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How We Selected

When we began our research about snake boots, we got educated quickly, and we were glad that we had not had the need for them up until now considering the situations we had been in without thinking things through.  There were a few flashbacks to the times we had gone into high grasses, camped, or trekked in the outdoors without consideration for our slithering neighbors below (or above, considering snakes can make their way up a tree).  We know that all snakes aren’t poisonous, and we at ReadPlease certainly are lovers of nature and the great outdoors, but because they don’t always make a lot of noise, an encounter can be nerve wracking to both parties.  With that being the case, let’s do like the boy and girl scouts tell us to, and be prepared.

As with any purchase of outdoor gear, having comfort is so important.  That requirement is especially true if you are going to be wearing your snake boots regularly.  So, it’s hard to say which criteria were higher than the next, but comfort and material were at the top.  If the material isn’t durable enough to withstand a bite, it’s not worth a dime.  We looked to manufacturers with names who were standards in the hunting and outdoor industry.  We wanted to know that they would stand behind their product, and while we can’t say that every experience will be ideal, we tried to stick with we knew as reputable.

We knew that material was going to define the quality of these snake proof boots because it would matter when it came to puncture resistance and durability.  Waterproofing would also be necessary but not required.  We also wanted a boot that was easy to get off and on and offered a snug fit.

How We Reviewed

We looked at each boot and assessed the construction, the area of coverage, and the closures.  Then we looked at whether or not they were waterproof and offered any additional features or functionalities.

Material of the Boot

snake boot materials

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Brand Exterior Material
LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot Leather and 1000 Dernier Nylon
Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boot Leather and Nylon
Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot Leather and Nylon
Muck Boot Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot Rubber & Neoprene
Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leggings Nylon with Polycarbonate inserts
LaCrosse Adder Snake Boot Leather and 1000 Dernier Nylon

The material that a snake boot is constructed of makes all the difference.  You can have coverage against the area of your skin, but that won’t matter a twitch to you if that coverage is a material that is puncture resistant.  Most snake boots are a combination of materials.  We found that varying composition of nylon, leather, synthetic weaves including Kevlar were the standard.  You’ll want to consider a few things when choosing the fabric.

Consider your location.  Where are you going to wear your snake boots?  If you are in temperate climates, an insulated boot isn’t necessary, and of course, if you are in a colder region, make sure you choose a style that has proper insulation for cold treks.  When you wear your boots will you be in wet areas? How wet?  A jump through a puddle or muddy area is a significant difference between that and walking through streams regularly.

The durability of the boot should be forefront in your mind, and that means asking yourself if you need a material that will last through multiple outings.  If these are for one trip, they might not have to be constructed with the highest quality material.  We like to buy things once and buy quality, but this can help you determine between multiple pairs if you are budgeting.

The quality of the material is important as well.  Nylon is made to construct tents, parachutes, and snake boots.  All need coverage and durability, but for different elements.  A puncture will do different things to a material than a wind storm will do to the material.

Coverage – Height of the Boot Shaft

The coverage area of your boot is probably equally important to the material that it is constructed with.  Most boots come to just below the calf, and we found that is the minimum coverage you should consider given a snake’s ability to launch upwards when biting or attacking your leg.

Brand Coverage Height
LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot 18 inches
Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boot 16 inches
Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot 17 inches
Muck Boot Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot 16.5 inches
Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leggings 17 inches with front panels
LaCrosse Adder Snake Boot 18 inches

Closures of the boot

The closures of the boot are identified here but will be a matter of personal choice or preference.  If you are in need of a barn boot, and doing more field work, and less tracking and hunting, the Muck Boot makes a great option. Lacing up the front of a boot so that it’s secure is made easier with the addition of a side zipper.  The way that a zipper is protected from the elements, the way that lace loops are constructed – these are all little things that mean a lot when you are outdoors and perhaps trying to work with gloves or other gear that can be restrictive to your movement.

Brand Closures
LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot Lace up and zipper
Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boot Lace up and zipper
Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot Lace up and zipper
Muck Boot Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot None
Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leggings Click Buckles
LaCrosse Adder Snake Boot Pull On with Plastic & Nylon rear gusset

Water Resistance

water resistance

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While rattlers aren’t necessarily swimming up, the woods that they live in do have streams, rivers, and even puddles.  So we wanted to know if the boots that we reviewed could withstand the elements.

Brand Waterproof
LaCrosse Venom Snake Boot Yes
Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boot Yes
Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot Yes
Muck Boot Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot Yes
Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leggings No
LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot Yes


LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot


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LaCrosse snake boots include a scent suppressing agent in this boot that can inhibit your chances of a bite by eliminating the snake’s ability to know you are near.  These boots are lace up style with 18 inches of coverage and include a 100% waterproof liner to offer additional protection from the elements. This also eliminates having to deal with wet feet.   This waterproof liner is treated with Scent Dry, the LaCrosse proprietary solution that wraps the boot with an antimicrobial treatment.  This treatment also aids in the fight against odor forming bacteria.  The full grain leather and nylon upper section are constructed with a 1000 Denier nylon fabric that will give you durability and comfort.  This LaCrosse boot also offers 360-degree snake guard, which is a flexible fabric in between the liner and the exterior of the boot that offers complete snake protection.  A quiet low lugged outsole is also ideal for tracking and stalking.  This non-insulated boot offers protection from mild weather temperatures.  A side zipper offers easier on and off capabilities so that you can loosen your laces but not have to restring them each time.

Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake & Hunting Boot

ROcky Lynx

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The Rocky Lynx snake boot is a great waterproof boot constructed with lace up front panel and a side zipper for easy on and off.  The 16 inches of protection is constructed of a nylon Denier Cordura fabric that is both rugged but lightweight.  The side zipper is located on the interior, so it will be protected from exterior wear and tear.  Rocky makes this boot with a rubber sole.  We like this boot, it’s well made, but there seemed to be some questions on size variations, from running too big to too small, so keep that in mind when ordering.  The laces are on a clasp that is open on the back, unlike the Lacrosse which kept them more secure.

Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side Zip Hunting Boot


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Danner has been constructing boots since the 1940’s so we were excited to learn more about the legacy that such a boot would carry.  These boots are made of full grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon and feature a front lace up with side zipper for easy on and off.  The Danner speed lace system allows you to easily tighten your laces from the toe up with “one swift tug” that provides a secure fit.  They also use a 360-degree snake guard with flexible fabric inside of the boot between the liner and the exterior which offers complete protection.   Constructed with the 4th generation of their Pronghorn outsole, this model builds upon years of craftsmanship that has been perfected over time.  The Gore-Tex liner gives waterproof protection.  A bit pricier than the other models we reviewed, but a solid offering of a classic company.  The solid brown design of the boot offers less of hunting or traditional outdoors look, and more of a versatile style.

Muck Boots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot


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We wanted to check out a pair of boots that were pull-on style, and we turned to the company that makes mucking easy, Muck Boot.  These are the only rubber boots that we reviewed, and they are the quality that makes Muck Boot well known.  Made of a durable combination of 100% rubber and a 4mm neoprene,  these 100% waterproof boots are a solid option if this is your style.  Their interior Xpress Cool fabric lining allows for inside comfort that you don’t always find with a rubber style boot when spending time outdoors in the warmer weather.  The Anti-Friction sock liner assists with eliminating chaffing and discomfort.  They are tested to keep you warm to -40 degrees as well as up to 95 degrees.   These are an ideal boot for people who work in the field, on a farm, or need to easily put on and take off their boots but also want the added protection from snake bites while working.   The only negative thing about this boot – and it’s not really a negative that should prevent you from buying them if they fit your needs, is that they don’t securely tie or close at the top so that you may get material inside of your boots if you are wearing them in an environment that is conducive to that.  This is only comparing them to a tie boot that may better fit the needs of someone who would be moving faster, in deeper water, or need a snug fit.

Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leggings

snake guardz

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If snake boots are not in your budget, or you want an alternative solution, you can also try these protective leggings that attach over your boots or shoes.  These are made in the USA of nylon material with a polycarbonate insert and give a nice amount of coverage up to approximately 17 inches high on the calf.   This material gives you puncture resistance to ASTM 1342-05 standards.  The panel coverage extends to over the shoe lace area so that if a snake does attempt to bite that area, their fangs won’t get entangled in the laces.  The lightweight feature of these snake gaiters makes them a viable option for easier packing if you are headed out on a hunting trip, and that same lightweight feature makes for great air circulation and comfort.  This brand is available in nine assorted color options and seven sizes.

LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot

LaCrosse Adder

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This boot combines the ease of a pull on and off boot with the quality of a LaCrosse constructed item.  The full-grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon fabric provides a waterproof boot that is durable and well made.  An abrasion resistant toe cap completes the front.  The two pull on loops come trimmed in leather, as is the top opening which measures 17 inches wide.  We liked those as pull on options because they make dressing much easier.  The back features a gusset that allows you to tighten your top closure for added security from snakes and the elements and a more snug fit.   The Adder also offers the 360-degree total protection that LaCrosse installs in their products by using the Snake Guard flexible component.  You will also find the scent-free and waterproof Scent Dry lining in this boot.

What We Liked

We liked that these boots come in a variety of options based on the type of way that you will wear them.  You have choices when it comes to styles and features.  The snake boot can serve multiple functions with its waterproof material and solid hiking sole.

What We Didn’t Like

You are going to pay for a snake proof boot, and there isn’t much of range when it comes to cost for your budget.  Expect to pay a minimum of $100 for a solid pair of snake proof boots, unless you decide to go with something like the Snake Guardz which isn’t an actual shoe or boot.

What to Look Out For When in Snake Territory

snake territory

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Many of the poisonous snakes, or just snakes in general, like to hang out and hide in tall grasses, underbrush, and places where they are not out in the open.  Avoiding these types of environments will give you a better chance at avoiding a snake as well.  Hiking on open trails and roads will give you a better line of vision to what lies ahead.  If tall grasses are something that you cannot avoid, use a walking stick or branch to rustle the brush ahead of you so that you do not inadvertently step on a sleeping snake.

`When you do setup camp, avoid setting up your tent and sleeping quarters in snake friendly areas.  A lot of snakes are nocturnal, so we recommend zipping up your tent at night as a precaution – and keep your boots and shoes locked up with you in the tent!  Those enclosed and cozy areas that protect your feet also protect the snake and give them an ideal resting area.  What are other snake friendly areas?  Well aside from tall grasses, snakes like hollow logs and rock crevices, holes in the ground that are burrowing areas for other animals.  Keep this in mind as you poke around and stick your head and hands in places that they might not necessarily belong.  Snakes can also climb and slither up trees, so be aware of your surroundings always.  If you aren’t sleeping in a tent, don’t rest your head on a pile of rocks or wood.

Be aware of snakes that appear dead or are simply sunning themselves on a rock.  You should not pick up, poke, or prod a snake.  Aside from being unnecessary, it may be alive when you like it is dead, and even if it is dead, it may still have reflexes that allow it to slither or react unkindly.

Aside from your snake boots, wear protection on your legs such as protective pants to offer an additional level of protection against snake bites.


Choosing a boot can be done by basing your decision on what your needs are regarding durability and how often you’ll use them.  Which situations you will be wearing the boots in is also important.   You should expect to spend a decent amount on these boots, but if you choose the right pair, they will last through quite a bit of exploring and time.



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