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We spent 13 hours looking at options for the best shower caddy, reviewing user reviews, looking at the different models in stores, researching features and functionalities, and we believe the that the OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy is the best shower caddy out there.

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Best Shower Caddy

OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper

After looking at all the features that a simple shower caddy can offer, we love the OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper for the Best Overall model.  It offers the dual design to work with or without a hose, a click and lock ratchet hook for the shower head stability, and additional coverage with the PVC-free suction cups on the back of the rack.  Four large capacity shelves are kept water free with draining slits on the plastic tray liners, and the bottom section holds soap, razors or whatever products you want to organize.

Best on a Budget

Zenna Home Never Rust Aluminum Shower Caddy

We loved the Zenna design for the simplicity that it offered, and the no rust aluminum construction that was not found in the other models that we looked at.  It offers all the features of a shower caddy, having two shelves, a soap dish, and hooks for razors and bath sponges or brushes.  While the plastic shelf liners provided a rust-free feature of the OXO Good Grip brands, that was not necessary with this no rust model, but we did like the stability they provided for setting things on them with the single plane.

Best Portable Version

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

We chose the Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy as the only portable style that we reviewed because we wanted to offer you a top choice in this style.  We feel that the durability of the material and storage design Is going to meet all of your needs at a great price.

History of the Shower

The history of bathing is relatively straightforward, but the ways in which it was done, and continue to be done, are varied.
Shower Caddy Benefits
North Americans took to the notion of daily bathing in the 1920’s when companies began to advertise regular soap use for hand washing and use of a daily mouth wash. It also coincided with people working together daily in close quarters. More people, less space, more showers.   Listerine came to market as a solution for everything from cuts to dandruff – which wasn’t easy to sell, and therefore people did not take to the idea right away.  It eventually became a solid sale asmouthwash.  That, and the popular “toilet soap” used to wash garments had to be marketed to the American population by creating issues that needed to be resolved.  And so, we learned about bad breath and body odor, two maladies we were not so concerned with prior to this time.  Statistically speaking, Americans shower more than the Chinese, British, and Japanese who average five times per week; but less than the population of Brazil and Columbia who according to numbers reported by Eurominotor, shower more than once a day.

With all this showering and bathing, the increase in our product consumption is increasing as well.  Women of the world shower more than men, unless you are in Sweden.

While bathing was the first way that the world got clean, showers had gained much popularity since their inception in England circa 1767 when William Feetham designed the first mechanical shower.  Feetham, who was a stove maker from Ludgate Hill, used a pump to force the water into a vessel above the bather’s head which was dispensed by pulling on a chain to release the water.  Since then, the shower has become preferred in many areas where hygienic measures must be taken, starting with those of the French army in the 1870’s.

Back in the day, when you went to the local waterfall for a shower, there was no need to worry about keeping your shampoos and soaps all tidy in an area.  You just placed them on a rock and hoped that no one stole them.  We are joking of course, but the waterfall was the very first type of shower on record.

Today we have domestic showers which are the commonly found stall showers or shower head over a bathtub.   There are also public showers which you can find in athletic and aquatic facilities, and this style is in a large open room with multiple shower heads, or individual stalls shielded by a curtain or wall.  The military often employs this as well in the form of field showers, which allow the troops to wash away dangerous residue or chemical weapons, agents, or material.
Shower Caddy Review

Bathing Rituals Around the World

Today in North America, many of the homes we live in are outfitted with modern bath and shower amenities, but we considered how people in other parts of the world get cleaned up.  In Russia, the ‘banya’ or bathhouse was used by the working class to wash up together on Sundays.  This tradition holds true even today.  Some feature cold plunge pools and hot steam rooms as additional features which are believed to provide a variety of health benefits.  Wealthy Russians will pay to use their own private baths.

The Turkish hammam is similar with its three areas, a hot steam room, a warm room for the actual bath, and the cool room which is where you rest.  Hammans are specific to men or women and can be traced back to the famous Roman baths.  The addition of a ‘kese’ for exfoliation is important to the Turkish bathing ritual, which also was once a major part of life celebrations like births or weddings.

Speaking of steamy, one of our favorite bathing traditions is the sauna, originating in Finland where all Finns take a sauna at least once a week.  Traditionally heated by wood stoves without chimneys, the sauna was a smoky experience and considered to be the best kind.  Showering before, followed by a jump into the snow or a cold body of water afterwards increases circulation.

The Koreans take bath houses to a whole new level with food service stations, salt rooms, seawater bath options, swimming pools, and other commodities that make these 24/7 communal locations a destination for all.  Milk baths with scrubbing mitts are added to moisturize the skin and promote circulation.

Another notion that takes it to the outdoors is by using natural hot springs to bathe like they do in Japan.  These ‘onsen’ are separated by sexes and used after washing with soap and water before entry.
Top Shower Caddy

What Features are Important

With all the options and data out there about bathing rituals around the world, the shower remains the better option for your skin according to some dermatologists.  Prolonged exposure to the bath water can lead to dry skin and partake in spas, or public baths can expose you to a different issues or germs, so heed caution and rinse after taking a dip in that sort of environment.

So now need a place to store all your products that clean, exfoliate, and condition all your parts.  Let me introduce you to the shower caddy.  This storage system is typically inside of the shower stall and will keep your soaps, scrubbies, shampoos, and conditioners all neat and tidy and in one place.  Some designs are portable, some are on the wall mounted permanently or with suction cups, and some hang around the neck of the shower spigot.

First, you need to determine if your shower caddy will be a permanent fixture in your shower.  You could consider a wall mounted design if you do not want it to move.  If you are looking for a model that would be used in a shared environment, you will need a mobile option, one that is waterproof or can dry quickly, and be carried easily with handles.  Having enough space for the products that you use is the most important feature to look for, and if you are looking for a shower caddy for a family, that is going to be critical.  Storage size and options, permanence, and materials are all factors that you need to consider when choosing a shower caddy.

How We Selected

Our research made us aware of the problems that the tension rod design in shower caddies often had from stability ease of cleaning, so we did not go with that design to review.  We focused on those that could be put over a shower head, easily cleaned around, or were portable.  We also looked for the material that each model was made of, and how that would wage in the fight against rust.
Shower Caddy Features

Which Features We Reviewed


First, we looked at the material of each shower caddy.  Stainless steel provides some protection against rust, but aluminum is tops for that.  The addition of plastic components is nice for the sturdiness and lack of rust but also increases the need to clean your shower caddy more regularly from soap scum buildup and product residue.

Brand Material
OXO Good Grips 3 Tier Shower Caddy Stainless Steel & Plastic
Simplehuman Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Shower Caddy Stainless Steel
OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper Stainless Steel & Plastic
Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy Mesh and Polyester Nylon

Hanging Component

Second, we looked at the way that the shower caddy attached to the shower stall.  All the models that we looked at were tool free installation.

Brand Hanging Component
OXO Good Grips 3 Tier Shower Caddy Over open showerhead hook with suction cups on rear
Simplehuman Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy Over showerhead closeable hook
Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Shower Caddy Over showerhead; no hook
OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper Over showerhead hook that closes with suction cups on rear
Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy Portable with handles

Adjustable Shelves

Finally, we looked at if the shower caddy had adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of bottles sized and various products that one might want to have in the shower.

Brand Adjustable Shelves
OXO Good Grips 3 Tier Shower Caddy No
Simplehuman Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy Yes
Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Shower Caddy No
OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper No
Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy No


OXO Good Grips 3 Tier Shower Caddy

OXO Good Grips 3 Tier Shower Caddy
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The OXO Good Grips 3 Tier Shower Caddy is an easy installation, no tools required a model and had a pivoting hook that fits over standard sized pipes. There is an adjustable suction cup on the back that can be spun to accommodate the different grout lines to provide secure adhesion and the second level of stability.  We love the three removable plastic trays that made cleaning up soap scum and residue an easy clean.  Additionally, there are slots in the trays that provide drainage so that water doesn’t build up where your products sit.  The stainless-steel frame is well made and will not rust.  You have the option to use the trays to hold your products in an upright position or downward using the circular holes in the trays that are provided to stabilize lids or squeeze type bottles.   There are two hooks on the bottom where you can hang washcloths, loofahs, scrubbies, or your shaving razor.  Some users found that the over the shower head hook could slip, but the suction cup did provide good stability when the two were used together.  You will also need to check your shower head type, as the top shelf might have limited usage if it is designed in a way that takes up the space left for storage.

Simplehuman Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy

Simplehuman Adjustable Hanging Shower Caddy
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This simplehuman shower caddy was the only one that we reviewed which had adjustable shelves to accommodate various sized products and containers.  We liked that feature a lot.  As with all of the stainless-steel models, there were complaints of rust, but this one seemed to be a nice contender among the group for a decent product.  The addition of a small cup on the side was a nice feature for a toothbrush, and the way that you can adjust each shelf is a bonus for the different tools one might have to store on the shelves.   The simplehuman design includes slotted stainless-steel shelves which provide good drainage, and tow larger holes that allow you to turn your bottles upside down for both storage and to get the last bit of liquid out.  A side hook offers a place to hang your razors, and because it’s plastic, you don’t have to worry about rusting of your blade.  The top hook that goes over the shower head was a closure style, so it hangs securely.  The only difference between this and the winner was the lack of plastic shelf liners, which we found to be a bonus in the OXO design.  The simplehuman one does have that feature with the soap dish though.

Zenna Home Never Rust Aluminum Shower Caddy

Zenna Home Never Rust Aluminum Shower Caddy
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The Zenna Home model is made from aluminum which makes for a light, strong and rustproof design.  In fact, it is guaranteed for life against rust!  There are two storage shelves for larger bottles like shampoos, conditioners and body washes, and then a bottom shelf for soap.  Two hooks anchor on each side of the soap dish for hanging body brushes and sponges.  A protective rubber cover over the top hanging bend protects your shower head.  Two notches in the shelves provide space to hang your razors.  While it is a no tool setup, there are two suction cups provided to aid in stability of the unit against the shower wall.

Oxo Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper

Oxo Good Grips Shower Caddy with Hose Keeper
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OXO has taken their other shower caddy models and built up on those already good design features to make this their best.  We love the option to use this with a shower head that has a hose design, but that is not a requirement, as it works with both styles.  The top hook that goes over the shower head closes for added stability, and the PVC-free suction cups on the back are an additional level of security to keep the unit in place.  The four large capacity shelves have enough room for the family sized bottles if you need that, and each of those four compartments has a plastic shelf liner that comes off for easy cleanup.  Additionally, they are outfitted with drainage slots and holes that allow you to turn your bottles upside down for better storage – and getting the last bit of the liquids out!

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy
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We chose the Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy as our best portable design because the quick drying mesh was perfect for anyone who is in a shared shower situation and would need to carry a lot of items conveniently.  The two nylon handles are sturdy and reinforced so that the eight pockets on the exterior can be full, and you can still carry larger items in the full size interior compartment easily.  Because you can take this right into the shower with you, it is a great gift for students, athletes, gym members, and campers alike!  Available in five assorted colors for the handle and trim accent, you can get everyone their own color for quick and easy identification.

What We Liked

We liked the 100% aluminum construction of the Zenna Home design.  This eliminated rust altogether which is a bonus.   We liked the plastic shelf liners of the OXO shower caddy design in both models that we looked at from this manufacturer.  We also appreciated a hook over the shower head that closed or provided better stability.  This was found in one of the OXO designs, the simplehuman, and the Zenna Home.

We loved the lightweight and easy carry option that the portable design of the Attmu mesh bag offered as opposed to the plastic shower caddies that tend to be heavier, but also more difficult to clean.

What We Didn’t Like

It did not seem that any single design could assure us that it wouldn’t slip down off of the shower head, but some of the models did take precaution with rubber grips and additional suction cups on the back.

The rust that occurs on different models was not a plus for anyone.


A shower caddy can offer your streamlined organization in the shower and a central location to access your products – a plus while you might have soap or water in your eyes!  You want to look for a design that fits your shower, perhaps having to look for multiple models if your house has different shower head styles.  It is also important to make sure that you consider which products you are storing on the shower caddy, and how you can make the best use of the space provided.



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