Best Margarita Mix

Best Margarita Mixes

The margarita is always at the top of drink list favorites.  Making them from scratch can take a lot of time and ingredients that you do not always have on hand, so staying stocked with a mix makes sense. We spent 16 hours mixing up margaritas to see which one came out as our top pick for best overall, and we think that the Be Mixed Margarita mixer is the choice for the perfect cocktail.

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Best Margarita Mix

Be Mixed Margarita Mixer

We chose Be Mixed Zero Calorie Cocktail Mixer’s Margarita flavor as our top choice for best overall to tip in with your tequila.  The yummy mix was not overly sweet, did not possess the artificial taste that the other mixes tended to have, especially after the first drink, and was easy on our waistline.  Started by two Harvard graduates who were looking for a diabetic friendly drink instead of the usual vodka and soda, this company is poised to pour.  We liked the all-natural ingredient list, the simplicity of the flavors on their own, and in an unexpected twist (oh, the drink puns could go on all day) we loved how Be Mixed offers a variety of ways to use this mixer in a variety of recipes.  While we prefer the larger bottle over the single mini pours, the smaller option is available for those who may want something to take on the go.

History of the Margarita

While there is not one story we can verify as fact, there are legends to the story of the margarita, and here are some of the claims to creation.

Carlos “Danny” Herrera is said to have created the margarita in 1938 at his restaurant Rancho la Gloria which was halfway between Tijuana and Rosarita in Mexico.  His customer Marjorie King was a former Ziegfield dancer with an allergy to most spirits – but not tequila.   He named the concoction after her and word, and its popularity spread to the United States by both King and bartender Albert Hernandez who worked in San Diego at the La Plaza restaurant.

Tommy’s Place Bar also claims to have been the original home of the margarita.  It is here in Juarez Mexico where bartender Francisco “Pancho” Morales created it and then told the world of his delicious margarita drink.  Word spread when he moved to the United States to work as a milkman for 25 years.
Best Margarita Mixers
While there are many other stories and legends that originate in both Mexico and the United States, one of the more popular tales is that of Husson’s Cantina in Ensenada Mexico.  Bartender Don Carlos Orozco formulated the drink for the daughter of the then German ambassador, Margarita Henkel, who was visiting the cantina.  As Don Carlos was experimenting with drinks, he offered her one that consisted of equal parts tequila, a Mexican orange liqueur called Controy (known as Naranja in the United States), and lime.  He shook it all up, poured it into a salt rimmed glass and gave her the first sip.  She must have loved it enough to have the drink named after her and put on the menu.

While we cannot prove which of those stories has the most truth to it, we can tell you that tequila is the ingredient always found in an original margarita.   Variations have been created to give flair and flavor using the name margarita, but a true margarita always has the tequila and lime.  They may be frozen, on the rocks, or with or without salt.  In the United States, we may use the thick skinned Persian lime, but in Mexico, they are made with the smaller Mexican lime, known as the key lime here in the United States.

According to the international bartender’s association, the third component is triple sec or Cointreau.  We have done our fair time in researching margarita recipes over the years, and have found flavors to delight in with an array of recipes.  Unfortunately, you cannot always get a drink from scratch and so it

What Features are Important

We love a margarita but hate the hangover.  That hangover seems to be multiplied by a million – or so it feels – when the ingredients in our cocktails are less than great.  So we set out to get that great lime taste but without all of the unnecessary extras that fill up our glass instead of great taste.  Each mixer that we looked at was based on the classic cocktail flavor, which is lime.

How We Selected

We selected each of our brands based on popularity, name brand awareness and a classic lime flavor.  We did not want to compare.

Which Features We Reviewed

We reviewed the details of each margarita mix based on a four ounce pour of the mixer only.  We did not add alcohol or other mixers to enhance or adjust the flavor.  Since taste is an individual preference, we will make a note of it for each product specifically, but we are looking at the ingredients for our ranking section.  We wanted to know how the drink mix was sweetened, and if it was done with a natural ingredient or artificial, and what those sugar components were.  The calories matter because everyone should be mindful of what they consume, and this goes for the sodium as well.
Margarita Mixing


The sugar added to the margarita mixes that we looked at came in a variety of forms.  High fructose corn syrup is a controversial ingredient made from corn starch and is one that many health authorities feel an ingredient you should avoid.  Splenda is a commercial name for a sucralose based artificial sweetener, and it has a lower caloric content than granulated sugar.  Cane sugar is a naturally occurring sugar found in plants and plant parts.  Monk fruit extract and stevia are plant based sweeteners that are found in the monk fruit and stevia plant.

Brand Sugar
Margaritaville Margarita Mix High Fructose Corn Syrup
Baja Bob’s Original Margarita Mix Splenda (Sucralose)
Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix High Fructose Corn Syrup
Be Mixed Margarita Mix Monk Fruit Extract & Stevia
Margarita Texas Restaurant Style Margarita Mix Cane Sugar


The caloric content of each drink was measured based on four fluid ounces.

Brand Calories
Margaritaville Margarita Mix 110 calories
Baja Bob’s Original Margarita Mix 0 calories
Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix 110 calories
Be Mixed Margarita Mix 0 calories
Margarita Texas Restaurant Style Margarita Mix 65 calories


Sodium content was relative because of anyone who is on a restricted diet, especially those with cardiovascular issues, need to be aware of their daily sodium intake.  Too much sodium or salt can make you feel bloated or dehydrate you quicker, resulting in symptoms of a hangover.

Brand Sodium
Margaritaville Margarita Mix 70 mg
Baja Bob’s Original Margarita Mix 35 mg
Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix 55 mg
Be Mixed Margarita Mix 55 mg
Margarita Texas Restaurant Style Margarita Mix 8 mg

Product Reviews

Margaritaville Margarita Mix

Margaritaville Mixer Margarita
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Margaritaville Margarita Mix takes its name from the famous line of the Jimmy Buffett brand Margaritaville, the land where it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere and the music and good times flow freely.  While the image that the name conjures up is dreamy, and a place we cannot wait to get to, the drink mix did not meet our dreamy expectations.  Several testers were hoping to recreate the same drink they had had when visiting a Margaritaville restaurant but did not find that to be the case.  The taste is artificial and very sugary.  If you are a one drink wonder, this might be ok for you to stomach one or two, but most testers found that the high sugar content, calories, and sweet taste were off putting.  Especially for the next day when those ingredients really take effect in the form of a hangover.  We love us some Buffett but can do without the artificial taste and ingredients of this mixer, and the high sodium and caloric content as well.

Baja Bob’s Original Margarita Mix

Baja Bob Original Margarita Cocktail Mix
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Baja Bob’s Original Margarita Mix is a standout for two reasons, the zero-calorie total, and their lower number in the milligrams of sodium column.  With only 35mg of sodium, they were second only to Margarita Texas.  Baja Bob has also made their mix offering zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar – a great win for those watching their weight or on a restricted diet.  We love where they are going with this product, and are happy to know that we can enjoy more than the usual one drink without busting up our diet, but we would have preferred an all-natural sweetener along with all-natural ingredients.  Some testers thought it had a chemical taste, but it should be noted that that is a common complaint of most drink mixes, especially margarita mix.

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Margarita Mix
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Jose Cuervo is one of those names that conjure up the immediate next thought of…. tequila.  So, we wanted to love this mix, but it falls into the typical category of too many calories and too sweet to really sip on all night.  With a high sodium content, high-calorie content, and high fructose corn syrup, we just cannot give it a solid recommendation as one of our top picks when there are better and more natural options out there.  While the brand name for their tequila is known and well respected, we did not feel the same way about the drink mix that they offer.  It is not the worst margarita mixer out there, but we think that if you appreciate a good cocktail, you can do better by spending your money on a more quality mix.

Be Mixed Cocktail Mix Margarita

Be Mixed Zero Calorie Margarita
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Be Mixed is our top choice for best overall margarita mixer.  This company was founded by two women who wanted to create a product where they found a total void in the drink mixing category – no calorie, all natural, and sugar-free.  They did it, and they did it well.  We love Be Mixed for so many reasons, first of which is the awesome taste.  Sweetened with a monk fruit extract (we had to look it up too, it is a vine ripened fruit native to Asia, which is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and free of calories) and stevia extract (again, had to look it up, but it is an herb).  This all-natural drink mix is their margarita flavor but did not taste like the traditional margarita mix at all.  It was good enough to sip on its own and could make a nice and refreshing drink with soda water if you are skipping the alcohol.  And better yet, this mixer is so versatile, Be Mixed has put together a recipe builder on their site to give you more options should you want something other than a margarita.  At press time, they had nearly twenty recipes to make using this specific flavor.  (They currently offer two additional flavors as well, ginger lime& cucumber mint which offers even more versatility.)An all-natural, versatile, and zero calorie drink mix.  We love Be Mixed Margarita, and without question, it was the clear winner.

Margarita Texas – Restaurant Style Margarita Mix

Margarita Texas Mix
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Margarita Texas won an award from the Beverage Tasting Institute for their Restaurant Style Margarita Mix, so we were looking forward to learning more.  This drink mix was formulated by a husband and wife team who got started by reviewing all the margaritas in their home state of Texas.  They decided to create their own blend and entered a contest in 2007, taking home the prize.  The 4 oz. pour came in at a moderate 65 calories but took the prize for lowest sodium in a mix.  Something a lot of people need to watch out for.  We also loved that this drink mix was sweetened with cane sugar and not any of the artificial sweeteners.  Some testers did feel that it was still too sweet.

What We Liked

While it could have been in our imagination, we also felt more hydrated when drinking the Be Mixed brand, and we did not feel like we had to counter the sweetness with glasses of water as we did with some of the other mixes.  However, it is always a good idea to have water when consuming alcohol.  We liked the clean taste it offered, whereas some mixes have a strong chemical taste.
Best Margarita Mix Review

What We Didn’t Like

We did not like the harsh taste that some of the mixes offered, as mentioned earlier.  They were too sweet or too chemical tasting.  It is in our own personal experience that an unnatural drink mix harshens the effect of alcohol, resulting in a worse feeling hangover the next day.  Just like eating a meal that lacks in nutritional content, so does drinking a mix with the same components.

Should you be ready to throw on your sombrero and make a magical margarita, do it up right with these fun accouterments:

Best Margarita Glasses

While not the traditional margarita style glass, we love these Novica fair trade hand blown glasses.
NOVICA Artisan Crafted Hand Blown Clear Blue Rim Glasses

If you want something more traditional, they do offer the Happy Hour Margarita glass as well – gorgeous!

NOVICA 140496 ‘Happy Hour’ Margarita Glasses

Don’t forget to be prepared for those who want to get salty – just skim the rim of the glass with lime, and roll in a gourmet salt:

Caravel Gourmet offers a natural sea salt for cocktails

Caravel Gourmet – Exotic Cocktail Salt – Margarita

Or you can pair your margarita mixer with the whole kit and caboodle together for an awesome host or hostess gift with this gorgeous set from Tequila Cantina Mas Fina!

Thoughtfully Tequila Sipping Shot Glasses

Remember to drink responsibly, enjoy your time with family and friends, and always celebrate life!


A fresh, clean cocktail made with pure ingredient is a wonderful way to unwind and enjoy gorgeous flavor combinations.   The legendary margarita is just that kind of drink, blending the perfect components of tequila, lime, and essence of an orange brought in with the third flavor of your choice.  For the sake of convenience, you cannot always make a craft cocktail, so drink mixers give way to a perfect solution.  But as with all things, overindulging can lead to a miserable after effect, so watch what you are putting in your drink with some of these mixes and the better the ingredients, the better the buzz, and the better you will feel the next day.



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