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best heated jacket
We spent more than 23 hours researching and testing heated jackets to bring you our top pick in 5 unique categories.  Heated Jackets are becoming incredibly popular, and the first model ever was brought to us by Milwaukee. Many tool companies such as Dewalt and Bosch are jumping on board as are various garment companies. The Bosch Heated Jacket is one of our top picks. We set out to discover who is doing it best in a variety of categories.

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Best Heated Jacket for Men

Bosch Men’s Heated Jacket

The Bosch 12V Max jacket offers three warming zones with two on the upper chest and one in the back – each of which warms in seconds. The three levels of heat control can be adjusted using the handy “button” that’s located just above the Bosch logo. A very convenient design! It has Velcro adjustments on the sleeves and a pull-string adjustment at the waist to help control heat. Two of our favorite aspects of this jacket are the many pockets that make it easy to carry anything you need and the reflective strips that offer safety.

Best Heated Vest for Men

Ororo Men’s Heated Vest

The Ororo brand offers machine-washable, heated garments that are suitable for anything from hiking to hunting and are a perfect gift for all ages. Their heating elements are made of a carbon fiber and are placed into the upper layers of down on both sides of the chest as well as the back of the vest. This vest weighs in at only 0.78 pounds, which makes it is a versatile layering garment. We love that the charger can also be used as a power bank for any mobile device that will fit in your pocket.

Best Women’s Heated Jacket

Ororo Women’s Heated Jacket

Two of our favorite aspects of this jacket are the facts that it is windproof and waterproof, as well as washing machine safe.  Just be sure to remove the battery first! The material is stylish and comfortable to wear, and the hood is removable yet still leaves a tall neck to keep heat inside the jacket. We love that the outer pockets are zippered and that there is one in the upper chest for items you want to keep safe.

Best Women’s Heated Vest

Ororo Women’s Heated Vest

With this vest, Ororo brings us a slim-fit women’s cut garment that is both comfortable and stylish. As with all other Ororo heated products, this vest has a charger that can be used as a power bank.  The heat is adjustable to four different levels, and the heating elements are located in the neck, chest, and back. The Ororo website says that the vest is machine washable and that you will need to charge the battery for at least 10 hours before using it.

Best Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner

Gerbin Heated Jacket Liner

Gerbing’s 12V jacket liner is a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast.  The improved ribbing, YKK zippers, and micro-wire technology keep you warm and comfortable while on the road. Their microwire system is durable and efficient and incorporates patented stainless-steel fibers inside a waterproof coating that is proprietary to the company.  This system works wonders, and you’re sure to love this jacket liner. This liner, along with every Gerbing 12V garment, comes with a battery harness to connect directly to your motorcycle or ATV for continued heat.  We love this feature!

How We Selected

We knew we wanted to do our actual testing on jackets that were already popular and that had positive reviews.  We looked online at heated jackets that fit those two criteria we found over 100 jackets that fit the bill.  We needed to eliminate dozens of these possibilities to come up with our top five contenders that we ultimately tested.  But how? We turned to reputable companies like Grainger and Home Depot to uncover what they liked and looked for in heated jackets.  Two aspects rang out above the rest: durable material for work site stability and ease of use when activating the power source.

Armed with this information, we headed back to the 100+ jackets on our list and weeded out those that had any problems with material or power. We were then able to choose our top five products and reviewed each of them extensively.  We’re sure you’ll be happy with our results!

Heated Jacket Reviews

Bosch Men’s Heated Jacket

bosch heated jacket
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We loved everything about this jacket and quickly understood why it is so popular with so many people. It is made of 100% polyester and is wind and rain resistant which we feel is an important feature for those who are outdoors for long periods of time. The jacket runs off a Bosch 12-Volt Max battery which can also be used in any Bosch power tools you might have.

It offers three warming heat zones – two in the chest and one on the back, all of which start to heat up in a matter of seconds.  Best of all, a small “button” above the Bosch chest badge controls your heat setting and lights up a different color to represent each setting: Low (Blue), Medium (High), High (Red). Another ingenious feature is that the battery has an extra USB port which allows you to charge a personal electronic device while it’s in your jacket pocket.  The battery pack also comes with a clip attached so you can hang it outside your pocket if necessary.

This jacket has tons of pockets which means you’ll have a spot for everything, including your phone or iPod.  And although it’s black which doesn’t offer high visibility, it does have six total reflective areas on the arms, chest, and across the back for safety. Both the cuffs and the waist are adjustable to allow variable heat exchange with the outside air to keep you comfortable. The battery in this jacket can run up to 6 hours on the lowest setting without needing to be recharged.

Ororo Men’s Heated Vest

mens heated vest
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Ororo brings us this well-designed, wind-resistant, heated vest with an added feature that we love:  it includes a rechargeable Lithium Battery that can also be used as a power bank.  The vest includes four heating panels: 1 around the neck, 2 in the chest, and 1 large panel along the back.  Each is made of carbon fiber which complies with the highest safety standards and provides excellent durability. It also includes a 4-level microprocessor controller that can adjust the heat level to Pre-Heat, Low, Medium, and High settings so that you can control the heat based on your needs.

The vest is incredibly light and weighs in at only 0.78 pounds.  Because it is lightweight, it is suitable for working, sporting and just relaxing in the outdoors or in the garage.  It is also machine washable, giving you peace of mind while wearing it. With this vest you will receive, 1 Heated Jacket, 1 Lithium Ion Battery (4400 mAh, 7.4 V), 1 Charger, and 1 user manual.   You will need to charge the battery for at least 10 hours before using the vest for the first time.  Once the battery is charged, you will be able to use the vest for up to 8 hours before needing to recharge.

Ororo Women’s Heated Jacket

ororo womens heated jacket
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Ororo also brings us our favorite women’s long-sleeve, heated jacket which comes in a stylish, slim-cut design that includes a detachable hood. This jacket uses the same Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (4400 mAh, 7.4 Volt) as Ororo’s other heated garments which can be helpful if more than one person in your group uses the same brand. The outer shell is made of a soft, durable material that is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, and washer safe. The material is coated with a special water-resistant coating, yet the jacket is still machine washable. Be sure to remove the battery before washing!

This jacket has three heating areas to keep you warm, 1 on the left chest, 1 on the right chest, and 1 along the back. To ensure the longest possible life for the battery, be sure to charge it before its first use completely.  This can take up to ten hours so be sure to plan well in advance of using it.  Additionally, it is recommended that you completely charge the battery before storing the jacket and once every three months during storage.

Ororo Women’s Heated Vest

ororo womens heated vest
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For couples, this is the perfect accompaniment to the Ororo heated vest for men.  It is designed in much the same way and with the same attention to detail. This woman’s heated vest also has 4 heat panels: 1 around the neck, 2 on the chest (one to the right of the zipper and one to the left), and 1 larger panel in the back. These panels are comfortably tucked into the down fibers of the filler material and are barely noticeable.

The heating elements themselves are made of carbon fiber, and the four levels of control allow you to adjust the temperature to your desired heat level. The fabric is machine washable – just be sure to remove the battery before washing!  All you need to do is unplug it from the power box which is found in its own inner pocket, on the left side of the vest. In the box, you will receive 1 Heated Vest, 1 Lithium-Ion battery (4400 mAh and 7.4 Volts), 1 Charger, and 1 User manual.

Gerbin Heated Jacket Liner

gerbing jacket liner
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Gerbing’s award-winning motorcycle jackets are world renown for their design and styling which includes microwire heating pads. Their innovative design keeps the fit close to your body so that it easily fits under your favorite riding gear. The heating pads can be found on the chest, back, sleeves and collar and improved ribbing around the waist and cuffs help to keep heat in and cold out.

Thermal resistors are installed into each heating pad act to eliminate hot spots that can cause overheating. Gerbing uses a unique sizing system that includes measuring your neck, chest, and sleeve length to achieve as perfect of a fit as possible.  The measuring process is very important and will help you be sure to order the correct size. All measurements should be made under clothing as the fit is meant to be a bit snug to keep heat in. When you purchase a heated garment from Gerbing, the electrical components are covered to be free from factory defects for the lifetime of the garment.  All non-electrical components are warranted to be free from factory defects for the period of one year.

What is a Heated Jacket?

Advances in technology have catapulting heated jackets into a popular garment for people who find themselves out in the cold for extended periods of time.  Although they were once thought of as gimmicky, heated garments are quickly becoming the rage – mainly due to advances in battery technology.

Most heated garments are warmed with a USB battery pack that heats the clothing’s integrated heating elements to keep the user warm in extreme conditions.  Most jackets are relatively thin and lightweight as the heating elements do the job of warming and reduce the need for bulky fabrics. The heating elements start warming up in a matter of seconds once you turn them on using the controller that’s kept in its own pocket.  Most jackets offer a choice of low, medium, and high heat and have heating elements on the chest and back.

best womens heated jacket

Both battery-heated jackets and vests provide warmth for on-the-go users for many hours. Most come with one rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide from two to eight hours of warmth on one full charge. Heated jackets come in a variety of styles and materials.  Many are even designed for a specific use such as the Heated Motorcycle Jacket we reviewed above.

What Features Are Important


Knowing that people mainly wear these jackets “out in the field,” and for extended periods of time, the manufacturers have made them quite durable.  However, be sure that the material you’re looking at is well-constructed and as a bonus, waterproof, or at least water resistant. Also, check to see if the jacket you’re looking at is machine washable.  Many of these heated garments are, as long as you remove the battery.


The design of your jacket is going to be one of the most crucial features because you want to be comfortable while wearing it. Check to see how many pockets the jacket has and if they’re zippered or not.  This could be important if you carry around items that you don’t want to lose.  Most of these jackets come with an easy-to-use control button that’s located on your left chest.  This makes it easy to turn the controller on and off as well as increase or decrease the temperature – all without having to unzip the jacket. Additionally, some heated jackets, such as the Bosch that we reviewed here, offer reflective areas along the front, arms, and back.  This is a great safety feature for outdoor sports such as hunting as well as for those who are outdoors at night.

Controller and Battery

Make sure that the controller and battery are well-constructed and come with a warranty. Also, be sure that you can adjust the temperature as needed and that you don’t only have the choice of ‘on’ or ‘off.’ Check the specs on the battery because that will tell you how powerful it will be as well as how long it will last.  Some heated jackets designed by tool manufacturers use the same battery as the brand’s tools do, which is an added convenience to customers who are dedicated to the brand. Also, take note of how you will need to charge the battery.  Some batteries require you to plug them into a USB port whereas others will need access to a wall outlet.

An approximate overview of what you can expect from Power Usage vs. Battery Life

Power Temperature in Fahrenheit Battery Life
100% 135 degrees 2.5 Hours
75% 120 degrees 3 Hours
50% 105 degrees 5 Hours
25% 90 degrees 10 Hours


Heating Elements

The location of the heating elements is critical.  You don’t want them to be too low in the jacket, or the heat could escape from the bottom or be uncomfortable to wear.  Most jackets have them one on each chest, and one or two across the back. Be sure that the heating elements are flexible, safe, and comfortable to wear.


From the garage to the outdoors, heated jackets can be a blessing to those who need to endure cold weather for long periods of time – and even for those who are out in the cold for fun! With the onset of better battery technology, these jackets are becoming ever more popular and ubiquitous.  You’ll probably find that you’re seeing them everywhere from sporting events to camping weekends and want to join in on the fun and convenience of owning one.  Hesitate no longer as we’ve done all the legwork and researched the best models in five different categories.  Our guide can tell you all you need to know to start enjoying a ‘warm’ winter.



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