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best bed sheets

There are a lot of fabric choices when it comes to deciding which type of sheet will give you the best night’s sleep. Some people prefer the all-natural softness that a cotton sheet provides, while others love the moisture wicking benefits from a microfiber blend. Seasonal changes will also determine which type of sheet will go on your bed. We’ve put in over 47 hours of research to bring you the best bed sheets in each category.

A nice Supima cotton may be ideal in the summer, but switching over to flannel will give you additional warmth in the chilly winter months. Your choice will be made on the individual needs of each person, as well as the room where the sheets will be used. We have gone through the many choices out there to give you a breakdown of each fabric type and which sets are the best.

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Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

Cariloha Bamboo Sheet Set

Cariloha changed our mind on our current favorite cotton blend sheets with their superior softness. We were as surprised as anyone that the bamboo provided such a dreamy sheet, but the softness that these sheets had was just amazing. The ultra-deep pockets were perfect for a California King with a pillow top. The four-piece sheet set also comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in five color choices, and six sizing options.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

eLuxury Supply 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

The eLuxury Supply 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet set provided a set of sheets that were made with the highest quality cotton fibers, and had a warranty and customer service that were unmatched in our other reviewed sets.  They were responsive when there was an issue, and strived to provide an excellent customer experience.  They were transparent with the product specs, indicating that the weave was a single ply, so there was no question about the quality of the product.   These sheets will give you a good night’s sleep in two way, with a comfortable place to put your head, and peace of mind in knowing that your money was well spent.  We also liked that they were machine washable.

Best Supima Cotton Sheets

Lands End No Iron Supima Solid Sheets

Lands End provides a high-quality product also backed by a great team.  We liked the no wrinkle feature that these sheets gave us, so we can go from washing to sleeping without skipping a beat.

Best Jersey Knit Sheets

Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set

These Brielle jersey sheets are made from a 100% cotton fabric with single ply yarns – something you want to look for. You can avoid wrinkles that jersey sheets often have by following the manufacturer’s directions on washing and drying, and give them a once over with your hand when the bed is made. Some customers found that the fit was not ideal for their mattress, but this can be due to various accessories like add on foam memory toppers.

Best Flannel Sheets

Pinzon Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

The Pinzon flannel sheet set gave a warm, cozy and comfortable sleep during those cold winter months when you need a bit more heat. The heavy-duty weave of the cotton was also static electric free, something we don’t always find in a woven flannel. Weighing in at 190 grams, they offer a velvety feel which is fantastic to snooze on and cuddle up in after a cool winter day.

Best Sateen Sheets

Brielle Sateen Bed Sheet Set

A luxurious and satiny sheet set, the Brielle Modal Sateen is a treat to sleep in. While these aren’t the sheets you may want to keep on your bed for everyday use because of their likelihood to wrinkle, you will love to have them on hand for special occasions or for guest bedrooms where pampering is a delight. A gorgeous set of sheets.

Best Sheets for Hot Weather

Mellanni MicroFiber Sheet Set

Microfiber sheets are not always the best sheet for everyday use because they can be thinner and are more likely to wear through. The Mellani brand stood out because it stayed in good form after a lot of testing. We were happy with this sheet set as it stayed in place and kept our testers cool in hot weather. Microfiber is not always our top choice in bedding – but if you want bedding that is best for hot weather, microfiber is the way to go, and Mellani does a great job of providing a solid product.

Best Percale Sheets

Mellanni 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set

We loved the Mellani 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set for their chemical free material (OEKO Tex Certified) and deep pockets. More than once we heard people say that they were “crisp and airy” which is a delightful way to describe the place where you will lay down after a long day. We found the same from our testing. Percale weave gives a nice smooth finish and these sheets got softer with each wash. The Mellani lifetime guarantee was a bonus.

How We Selected

best place to buy bed sheets
To find the sheets that will give you not only a solid and comfortable snooze but will also last and are well made and durable is a daunting task because marketing has made things a bit confusing. When we started researching cotton bed sheets, we were overwhelmed by the terms that are on product descriptions, prices that don’t make sense, and promises of comfort that we weren’t sure we could trust.  When we did a quick compare of one set of sheets compared to the next set, and at a quick glance, we were so confused, we just wanted to take a nap.   But wait, which sheets did we want to nap on while we rested!?  So, we broke it down one factor at a time, and we looked at what was most important to get a good night’s sleep.

We knew we wanted comfortable bed sheets, which were machine washable.  We wanted to make sure that they were available in more than one size, and we kept it basic with our color palette.  Once we educated ourselves, we knew that thread count wasn’t as important as we first thought it was, but fiber and weave were.  First up was learning about cotton.  Well, there are a lot of cotton types, and those distinct types produce different cotton fibers.  Next, those fibers are woven into fabric types.  That’s where you start to hear about cotton/poly blends, linen, ticking, and so on.  When we looked at the weave of the fabric, we started to see descriptive types like percale, sateen, and Oxford.  Our test sets would be a Pima (or Supima) cotton fiber or an Egyptian cotton fiber.  Thread count is the number of threads that cross each other in a square inch of fabric.  The thread count would be at least 200 to 400, and the weave based on preference, but important to know. We looked at each sheet and assessed the construction, reviewing which type of cotton fiber and weave made up the cloth.  Then we looked at the thread count and warranty that the manufacturer would offer.

What Features Are Important

types of fabric

Fabric Types


The weave is the method that the two threads, or fibers, are interlaced to form a cloth.  How those two yarns are interlaced, and the ratio of warp to weft, determines the fabric or weave name that they are identified with.  The longitudinal threads are called the warp, and the lateral threads are the weft.  There are three basic weaves, plain weave, satin weave, or twill.  While the other options found in sheets are vast, we’ve focused on the few that we reviewed in our bed sheets, and not all.  Percale is known as the plain weave, which has a soft and smooth finish.  The tight weave is an excellent choice for people who tend to get hot when they sleep because of its light feel.  Some feel that this can be too tight and abrasive.  However, if you like a starched and crisp feel, a percale weave might suit you well.  Sateen, like its name implies, provides a more satin like weave.  This weave does provide a very smooth and silky texture, but because of its delicate nature, it tends to be the least durable of the more common bed sheet fabrics.  Sateen sheets are often the preference of people who get cold when they sleep as it is a heavier weave.

Thread Count

Thread count is the number of cotton threads (or yarns) per square inch.  The sweet spot, and considered the ideal for thread count is between 200-400 threads per inch.  We assumed, like most consumers, that a higher thread count means a better bed sheet.  We found that there is quite a bit of deception in the market by manufacturers who know that consumers are enough to look for thread count, but not wise to what exactly that means.  What happens is a manufacturer can claim a 750-thread count sheet by using shifty tactics on a 250-thread count sheet.  You believe that you are buying a top-notch product, when in fact, you are purchasing something on the lower end of the market.  An actual 250 thread count sheet is woven using 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads.  But that phony 750 thread count sheet will also only have 125 vertical and 125 horizontal threads, and the difference is that they have taken three threads that are made of inferior quality and then woven or braided multiple strands to create one viable thread.  So now you have (likely) paid a much higher price, for a significantly lower standard of quality product.   This deceptive practice is known as plying.  Regulations have been put in place to stop this deception, but they can still be confusing.  You will see these regulations put on labeling regarding single ply and two-ply.  A single ply fabric will likely indicate a higher quality of the thread.  Often you can hold up a sheet to the light, and if you can see through it, you have a low thread count on your hands – regardless of what the label says.

So how do you know which bed sheets are a true higher thread count?  Price is a good indicator since looms are limited to 400 threads, and to achieve a legitimate thread count beyond that, you must use very fine yarns which are going to offer a softer sheet, but at a much higher cost to make.

Cotton Fiber

The fiber identifies the cotton length and origin.  What we learned from researching authoritative sites like Cotton Incorporated and the queen of domestic living herself, Martha Stewart, was that there multiple types of cotton and within that are multiple classifications of cotton.   A shorter fiber yarn or staple can produce rougher yarns and show signs of pilling on the surface of products made with it.  There are three types of cotton fiber.  American Upland Cotton is the shortest fiber or cotton strand and the least expensive; you will often see this identified by labels reading “100 percent cotton”.  The second type of fiber is Pima Cotton which a high quality and long staple cotton.  Pima achieves a beautiful and soft weave and twice as long as American Upland cotton.  The trademark of “Supima” is used to identify the world’s top percentage of American grown Pima cotton.  The Supima fibers are the extra-long staple cotton grown in the west and the southwestern United States.  Pima cotton identified as Supima is considered the same length and quality as Egyptian Cotton.  Pima does NOT mean Supima.  Often regarded as the best kind of cotton fiber, Egyptian Cotton is a long staple cotton grown in the Nile region of Egypt.

Cotton is derived from a plant grown worldwide and is the soft and white substance that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. This fibrous substance is transformed by spinning into a textile fiber or thread that is used in countless materials. It is also a top choice for clothing and home accessories.

types of cotton

Cotton Types

Cotton Origin Quality
American Upland Cotton Grown in United States Low to Average Grade
Pima Cotton Grown Worldwide Average to High Grade
Supima Cotton United States Superior Quality
Egyptian Cotton Grown in Egypt Superior Quality


bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo as a fabric used for sheets has been increasingly popular each year, and there are four varieties of this material that are available. These cellulose fibers are extracted from natural bamboo but are very different. Generally, it is a rayon fabric made with those fibers.


Microfiber fabric is just what it sounds like – extremely fine (micro) fibers of woven together. These synthetic fibers are smaller than a strand of silk and are commonly made of polyester and nylon, which is ideal for wicking away moisture.


Cariloha Bamboo Sheet Set

cariloha bed sheets
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The Cariloha bamboo sheet set won our most comfortable sheet set honor because we were convinced that we loved cotton until we tried them. The moisture wicking and breathable bamboo fabric gave us a softness we love, and as we learned, a 3-degree temperature difference than the standard cotton sheet. We liked the features on this fabric like how it repelled odors and allergens. The softness also seems to increase with each wash. A real winner with our team.

eLuxurySupply 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

eLuxury Supply 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set
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eLuxurySupply is a United States Veteran Owned and Operated company with their headquarters located in Evansville, Indiana.  They’ve worked hard to provide a standard of product that stands out against the knockoffs and sub par products, and these sheets are a great indication of that.  We were happy to see that they indicated that they were single-ply and at 1000 thread count, the sateen weave provides a solid, super thick,  and quality product.  The fitted sheets come with elastic around the entire sheet for a better fit.Their customer service was stellar, and any customer issues are immediately addressed – and often with a handwritten note from the company’s founder.  While these sheets are at the high end of our budget, they are thicker and held up to wash after wash.  Most of their customers are repeat business, and what spoke to us was when we looked into people who either had a bad review or initial experience and were “converted” by eLuxurySupply handling the situation and therefore given a second chance.  A great company to work with if a problem arises from your purchase.

LinenSpa Premium Italian Sheets

LinenSpa Premium Italian Sheets
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The LinenSpa set of sheets was enticing because we wanted to know if sheets specifically made in Italy were that much different.  As it turns out, there is one difference, and it is in the size of the pillow cases! Not a big deal and they are larger rather than smaller, which would be a problem. Not as thick as the eLuxurySupply sheets, but well-made and beautiful detail. We were also wondering how a percale would feel, and these were fantastic and smooth. Very soft to the touch. The only downside was that they recommend line drying.  A tough thing to do when you live in a small apartment or don’t have access to an outside area.

Lands End No Iron Supima Solid Sheets

Lands’ End No Iron Supima Solid Sheets
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Known for its solid and classic styles, Lands’ End provides you with the basic and does them well. We liked the no iron feature found in these sheets, and we also were delighted to try a Supima cotton in comparison with Egyptian cotton. The Supima provides a high luxury feel with a durability we liked. These sheets are processed with a finishing treatment that gives a wrinkle free finish for up to 50 launderings – an excellent feature for making up a guest room bed when you want to impress!

Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set

best jersey knit sheets
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These Brielle jersey sheets feel like you are wearing one of your favorite well-worn tee shirts. This single ply 100% cotton sheet set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillow cases. The fitted sheet is designed with elastic throughout the entire hem. You can choose from eight color options and six sizing options. The fit will accommodate a 15-inch mattress. Washing did not increase pilling and while some found that these sheets were more wrinkle prone, the general consensus was that they would be like most sheets, and not wrinkle if washing instructions were followed.

Pinzon Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

best flannel sheets
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Available in three size options and seven color options, the Pinzon flannel sheets are a 100% cotton heavyweight velvet flannel weave. Weighing in at 190 grams, they have are soft to the touch and will accommodate mattresses up to 17 inches. This set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. One of the favorable attributes that a lot of testers liked was the lack of “shock” that these flannel sheets had. Like some flannel sheets which can give you a spark when you get into bed sometimes!

Brielle Sateen Bed Sheet Set

best sateen sheets
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The Brielle sheet set is a gorgeous set, and the sateen weave makes them feel like satin. This makes them a luxurious treat to make up your bed with for those nights when you need a treat, or if you want to make your guests feel special. Thread count wasn’t available, but the satin sheen was where we found them to be unique. Some users found them to be warm, but most found the satin feel cooling. They did not pill after washing.

Mellanni MicroFiber Sheet Set

best sheets for hot weather
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Microfiber sheets can wear a little quicker than most cotton sheets and are often thinner in the first place. While microfiber sheets are not our preferred overall top pick for a sheet fabric, they are great for people who tend to get hot when sleeping or if they sweat a lot. This Mellani design has the most color choices available that we could find, coming in at 35 options with seven sizes as well. The fitted sheet is designed with elastic all around, and the four-piece set is covered by the Mellani lifetime guarantee.

Mellanni 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set

best percale sheets
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These 100% cotton sheets are a crisp and light sheet with deep 16-inch pockets, which were liked by the customers who tried them. This allowed them to fit pillow top mattresses without any problem. We also loved the 100% chemical free cotton that the percale was made with. The softness increases with washing. Moreover, Mellani offers their lifetime guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Chateau Home Supima Cotton 600TC

Chateau Home 100% Supima Sheet Set
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The Chateau Home Hotel Collection provides a good set of sheets for the money. We were impressed with the addition of a Victorian Faggoting Hem Stitch which gives a gorgeous look, and these sheets were softer and softer with each wash. We couldn’t find any information on a warranty or what the customer support would be if we had an issue.

Vivendi 600TC Supima Cotton Sheet Set

Vivendi Supima Cotton Sheet Set
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Supima is such a great option because it gives you a super soft sheet without the high cost of an Egyptian cotton. We were impressed with the addition of a Victorian Faggoting Hem Stitch which gives a gorgeous look, and these sheets were softer and softer with each wash.


When looking for sheets, your preference will be based first on the fabric type. For example, if you choose cotton, make sure the description has the words Pima, Supima, or Egyptian cotton in it if you are looking for a higher quality sheet. With all sheets, do not be fooled by a high thread count. A high-quality fiber will ensure that you have a higher quality sheet. Care for your sheets according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and wash them regularly for a long-lasting run with your beloved bed time partner!



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