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We spend 27 hours researching, edging, trimming, and detailing our yardto bring you the most complete information on the best overall string trimmer on the market.  We decided to test trimmers that weren’t overbearing in design yet could get the job done.  Most of us don’t need to tackle acres of overgrown field, so a reliable all-around trimmer is what we went for.   We determined that the GreenWorks 40-Volt 12-inch Trimmer is the best string trimmer out there, and we’re sure you’ll think so too.

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Best Battery String Trimmer

GreenWorks 40-Volt 12-inch Trimmer

Packed with a powerful, 40-Volt battery that comes in your choice of either 2Ah or 4Ah we found this string trimmer to be a perfect choice for any homeowner.

The autofeed line on this unit gave us a no-hassle trimming experience,and the variable speed trigger allowed us to ramp up or tone down the power as we saw fit.

This unit was able to provide us with thirty minutes of run time on a single charge when we used the 40V 2Ah battery on low speed – just what we expected from itsspecifications.

We loved the fact that the G-Max battery designed for this unit can also be used in over 25 other tools made by GreenWorks.  A fantastic, money-saving feature!

Best Cordless String Trimmer

Weed Eater 20-Volt Trimmer and Edger

Because it weighs in at only five pounds, this 20-Volt Weed Eater string trimmer gets the job done quickly and easily without being cumbersome or tiring to use.

This trimmer’s 12-inch cutting width is the perfect size for enabling you to reach far away spaces that a larger, or curved-handle trimmer couldn’t get to.

We loved the telescoping shaft that allowed us to adjust the length to fit our height.  It even helped us to orient the trimmer to reach weeds high on a hill.

Another bonus to this model is the Auto Feed Spool which ensures continuous clean-up time without needing to stop and bump or pull out the line.

The battery is strong enough to last up to 25 minutes of continuous use and gave us plenty of power for trimming weeds and grass with ease.

Finally, we loved the 2-Year Warranty that comes with the battery and the charger as well as the 4-Year, Limited Warranty that covers the trimmer.

Battery String Trimmer Review

Using a String Trimmer

String trimmers are the perfect add-on tool to your existing yard equipment and are great for finishing any trimming job because they help you pay attention to every detail.

String trimmers (also known as weed whackers and weed eaters) are great for getting into every nook, cranny, and hillside that your lawnmower can’t reach.

Chances are you won’t need a professional-grade, expensive string trimmer for regular residential jobs.  Gas trimmers are more powerful but can be messy and a hassle to operate.  Besides, advances in battery technology have made battery-powered string trimmers nearly equal to gas trimmers in power.

We use our trimmer every time we mow the lawn and sometimes in between.  We like to keep on top of the weeds and foliage that take over our yards – especially during the rainy and summer months.  Because of our frequent use, we prefer a trimmer that offers pizazz (meaning makes us happy by getting the job done) at a great price.

However, when choosing a string trimmer, it’s important to take note of the many options that are available to you when you’re shopping.  There are a few important factors you’ll want to be aware of, and we’ve outlined them below.

Safety First

Be sure that the trimmer you’re looking at has a safety shield across the back of the trimming head to keep rocks and debris from kicking up while you’re working.  Be sure to wear gloves and safety goggles too.

An added advantage to having a safety shield on your trimmeris that it will keep longer grass and weeds from twisting around the shaft which could potentially slow or stall the trimmer.

Battery Power

Battery voltage is important to take note of when choosing a trimmer.  The higher the voltage, the stronger the trimmer will be.  This will also determine how long the battery will last before it needs to be recharged.

Many of today’s trimmers use Lithium-Ion batteries which are better than the older style, Ni-Cad batteries, for three main reasons:

  • They are lighter than Ni-Cad batteries – as much as 50% lighter.
  • They don’t drop off in power when the battery gets low on ‘’
  • They can be recharged up to three times as many times as the older Ni-Cad batteries before they need to be replaced.

Handle Design

  • Curved Shaft – A curved shaft on a string trimmer is better on your back but can be more difficult to fit into tight spaces. Usually, the curve is at the lower part of the handle – right before the head of the trimmer.
  • Straight Shaft – A straight shaft makes the trimmer more functional regarding fitting it into small spots and tight spaces. The straight handle also allows you to reach areas further away from your body than a curved shaft.  Some of these models even offer a telescoping shaft to make the handle as long or as short as you like.
  • Two-in-One– Some string trimmers offer a multi-purpose design that will allow you to use it in multiple directions. Usually, the head has a pivot point that can be locked into place on its side to turn the cutting head into an edger.

Often the more powerful trimmers will be larger and bulkier.  Be sure you know what you want to handle before making your purchase.

Lastly, we recommend NOT buying a trimmer model with an exchangeable shaft.  An exchangeable shaft is one which you can remove the trimmer end and replace it with something like an edger or a blower.  We’ve found that these multi-use tools don’t work as well and aren’t as strong as tools designed for just one purpose.
Top Battery String Trimmer

How we Selected

Wow!  We had a lot of battery-powered string trimmers to ‘weed’ through to find the five models we tested.

Of course, battery-powered (versus corded or gas powered) is the model type we wanted to mostly test because no one wants to drag a cumbersome cord around their yard – unless you have a smaller space. We felt that a cord would be too restricting and only compatible with smaller yards.

Gas powered units are usually more aggressive and primarily used in commercial applications. Battery Powered is the way to go for the average user and is a more-than-adequate model to get the job done.

We started with over 1,000 models to choose from so we began reading every review we could on the various models of battery-powered string trimmers.  We wanted to be sure that the five, toptrimmers we chose for testingwere already well-liked by consumers.

After choosing only the most well-liked trimmers, our search results now had only 68 trimmers to choose from.  Many of them were made by the same company, so we decided to choose five models, one from each brand, that were similar in power, performance, and options.

Lastly, we read online reviews from companies such as This Old House and Handyman Magazine to see what they felt was important to look for when buying a string trimmer.

Now loaded with all this information, we set off to pick our top, five contenders.

How We Tested

We headed out to the yard and straight to where the driveway meets the grass.  We figured this area is one of the most important to tackle as it’s the area that gives thefirst impression when someone comes to visit.

We trimmed a 2-foot section with each trimmer to see how well they each did.

We also headed to the mailbox and around the deck posts to test the string against a hard surface to check its durability.

It was also important to us that the trimmer was comfortable to hold and could easily reach into the most important areas we wanted to trim.
Using Battery String Trimmer

What We Liked

  • We liked that the Black + Decker 20V Max can convert from a trimmer into a wheeled edger for extra oomph in the garden.This can be done with a quick swivel of the trimming head.

This model also has an EasyFeed feature which allows you to advance your line with an easy push of a button.

  • We liked the 13-inch cutting path of the Dewalt 20V Max trimmer – a perfect length for residential trimming.
  • The Greenworks 40-Volt trimmer comes with an extra spool of line. We loved not having to run to the store in the middle of a project because we ran out of line!

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not so important, but we needed to bump the Dewalt to advance the string. Some of our other models had an easy-feed which automatically fed the string which was one less thing to think about while on the job.


Black + Decker 20V Max

Black + Decker 20V Max
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Black + Decker is a well-known brand with a history of building quality products.  We weren’t surprised when this model made it into our top five contenders.

This string trimmer comes with a 20V Max System and offers you a choice of batteriesat checkout which we thought was an innovative way to sell.

You can choose from (2) 1.5Ah batteries, (1) 2.5Ah Battery, or (1) 3.0Ah Battery.

Another innovation we loved with this product is that it can convert from a trimmer to a wheeled edger at the push of a button. This means you basically get two tools in one with this purchase.

Just tilt the head using the pivot point at the end of the handle and lock it in place.  You’ll beedging your lawn in no time!

The 20V Max also offers what they call EASYFEED which allows you to advance the string (plastic cutting line) with an easy push of a button.  This is a great feature that saves time and frustration.

Dewalt 20V Max 5.0Ah

Dewalt 20V Max 5.0Ah
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Dewalt has made top-notch power tools for nearly 100 years.  We were excited when one of their models made its way into our testing.

This model is a 20V trimmer and is powerful enough to tackle most any residential trimming job.  We liked that buyers have the option of buying this unit without the battery which can save quite a bit of money.

Some DeWalt batteries are interchangeable between their equipment which means that this model can be quite a money saver if you only buy Dewalt tools and use batteries interchangeably.

The line easily feeds itself with a bump feed which means you merely need to tap the head on the ground to let out additional line.   This model comes with a dual line which means that two lines come out of the head at opposing side.  Each line measures 0.080 inches in diameter.

We found the variable trigger easy to use and liked that the speed was adjustable for different cutting conditions.

This string trimmer weighs in at 8.5 pounds, and its total length is 67.8 inches.

Earthwise 15-inch 5-Amp Trimmer

Earthwise 15-inch 5-Amp Trimmer
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This Earthwise trimmer is the most affordable of the five trimmers we tested for this guide.

We loved its flip-down edge guard and the fact that we could adjust the cutting head three different ways to get the angle we needed for cutting.

This model also offers an automatic dual-line feed which means less hassle while cutting and no need to stop your project all together just to let out the line.

Even the handle is adjustable which is a treat for shorter as well as taller people who struggle to find tools that ergonomically fit them.

And let’s not forget the comfort grip, rubber molded handle which makes long projects a breeze as it keeps your hands comfortable.

Weed Eater 20-Volt Trimmer and Edger

Weed Eater 20-Volt Trimmer and Edger
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Weed Eater is a brand name that’s so popular for its string trimmers that its name has become synonymous with the product.

This trimmer comes with a 20-Volt battery which will give you plenty of power to trim weeds and grass with ease.  You should expect the battery to last up to 25 minutes of continuous work time.

The 12-inch cutting width allows you to reach into tight spaces for precision trimming every time and the single-line-auto-feed spool will ensure no downtime in your work.

We love that the handle shaft is adjustable and can telescope to fit people of many sizes easily.  This feature is also helpful as it can adjust the trimmer to your various yard conditions and cutting needs.

Another helpful feature is that this model easily turns into an edging tool with its Twist-N-Edge feature.  Just twist the head, click it into place, and start edging!

GreenWorks 40-Volt 12-inch Trimmer

GreenWorks 40-Volt 12-inch Trimmer
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The GreenWorks 40-Volt trimmercomes with your choice of three options:  No Battery or Charger Included, with (1) 2Ah Battery and Charger, or with (1) 4Ah Battery and Charger included.

The first option can accommodate users who already have the interchangeable G-Max battery system that powers 25+ tools which all work together within the system – including blowers, chainsaws, and rototillers.

This trimmer offers a 12” 0.65-inch dual line with an auto feed which means no need to bump the head to advance the cutting line.   The line size is perfect for reaching into crevices without being too fragile.

The variable speed trigger allows you to increase or decrease power on demand.


It’s best not to head out to purchase any garden tool without doing a bit of research. Especially one that can cost a bit more than some of your other tools.

There are variables involved that you’ll want to understand so that you’ll know whether they’ll be important to you or not when you’re using that tool.

We’ve done all the background work for you when it comes to buying a string trimmer and put it all here in this guide – a one-stop-shop to learn the basics before making your purchase.

So wait no longer….follow our tips and tricks above and get yourself happily on your way to perfectly manicured lawn.



Author: Cheryl C.

Cheryl is a Senior Editor for ReadPlease and a contributor to several other leading consumer review sites. When Cheryl isn't researching, testing and writing, you'll find her enjoying a yoga class.

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