Best AntiVirus for iPhone & iPad

Top 10 AntiVirus List for iPhone and iPad

We spent over 44 hours researching and testing to find the best antivirus solution for iPhones and iPads. We compared the top Antivirus makers out there and took an in-depth look at each of their solutions. Our top pick for complete protection is Webroot’s Internet Security Complete. It includes support for up to 5 devices including mobile, real-time protection, and has an easy to use automatic backup feature.

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Best Overall

Webroot Internet Security Complete + Antivirus
Webroot is the best complete solution that works with PC, Mac, Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). It also has the fastest scans and doesnt’ slow down your device. It comes with password protection, continuous mobile security, automatic backup and secure online storage. It also will protect against identity theft and malicious web content.

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Other Leading Antivirus Solutions for iPhone and iPad

  1. Avast SecureLine VPN – Avast offers secure encryption for all incoming and outgoing data.  It makes it “invisible” to anyone else.  They do not track your online activity with logs and use their SecureLine technology to make sure that you aren’t tracked by anyone else either.  Additionally, you can bypass geo-restrictions.

  2. McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad – One of the industry leaders, McAfee Mobile Security offers their solution for iPhone and iPads with their Mobile Security option.  Features include a locate and remote alarm which works even if the phone is silenced and a map to hone in on the device; a capture cam for identifying the thief which sends you their photo and a mapped location via email if the Vault PIN is entered incorrectly multiple times;  a secure media vault for storing photos and videos with restricted access; and the ability to back up your contact data and restore to a new device – as well as the ability to wipe your data on the stolen device remotely.
  3. Avira Vault – Avira Mobile Security for iPhone provides you with anti-theft tools, but the Vault steps it up by securing you data with a PIN protected digital vault.  Photos, videos, passwords, and the credit card details you forget about, will all be protected with Avira Vault.  According to Avira, 5-10% of all emails are compromised.  Their Identity Safeguard allows you to check if yours are among those statistics.  Like the others, this too has a map and location service that will assist with locating a stolen device.  Included with their solution is a “loud yell and call” from the Avira Dashboard – with up to 5 devices being tracked.
  4. Norton Mobile Security – One of the most familiar names in the industry, Norton Anti-Virus offers millions of computer users protection.  Their mobile security is just as great.  With one subscription, all of your devices are covered.  Setup is done via a website portal.  You can back up contacts, transfer to new devices, and share them across devices as well.  Lost phones and tablets are located via an alarm and location map, and personal information is protected with remote lock at the same time.  You can also remotely wipe your device if it’s stolen.
  5. Intego VirusBarrier – Intego offers real-time antivirus protection which means it scans whenever a file is accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates. An additional feature that they carry is the protection against PC-based malware, so you are protected against sending any infected files to PC users. Their software is built from the ground up for macOS and Mac OS X since 1997. The interface is simple and effective.
  6. Trend Micro Mobile Security – Trend Micros’ Smart Protection Network ™ and Mobile App Reputation are cloud-based solutions that stop threats before they even reach you. Guards against identity theft, phishing scams, fraudulent websites, and allows for private browsing. Additionally, it’s going to protect your privacy with social media on your phone.
  7. MobiShield – One of the features MobiShield touts that we didn’t see (but it may be available) is the battery management feature, which can extend the power and extend standby time. Their solution provides protection against malware, spyware, hackers, and additional standard virus protection. You are also provided with a cloud-based contact backup solution and a management option for your data usage – which can save you money on your monthly bill!
  8. F-Secure TOTAL – F-Secure recognizes that you are at risk regardless of the device you’re using. So they offer a variety of solutions that protect against phishing, advertising that is altered, and other online vulnerabilities. Their virus protection offers an additional barrier to protect your credit card and personal information.
  9. Lookout Mobile Security – Lookout Personal provides an all-in-one mobile security solution, with the added features of identity theft protection as well as intelligent theft protection.  This theft protection feature allows you to locate a stolen phone with email alerts, a photo, and a map identifying the thief.  The identify theft protection is backed up with a $1M identify theft insurance program and ID restoration experts that are available to you 24/7.  Your personal information is protected with breach reports that are delivered to you regarding any corporations that are being affected, which may have an impact on your personal information being compromised.  Users have access to a data backup feature that works like a cloud, giving them access to photos and data via an internet connection.  Included with all of this is the mobile security that wards off malware, adware, and phishing.

AntiVirus Ratings

The results above are based on how well each AntiVirus solution scored in offering protection, being user-friendly and how it affected the performance of the device (not bogging down the iPhone or iPad). These are the top 9 providers that are both free and paid. Most of them offer a trial version of their product.




When you make a purchase that is significant like an iPhone or iPad, you do everything you can to protect the outside of your device with screen covers and phone cases.  But what about the inside?  Having AntiVirus software installed can add an extra layer to the security of these items, and give you confidence that you’re going to be protected if a virus were to try and take hold in an attachment, message, or while you browse the Internet.  It’s like haveing a home security system installed in your house, it adds a a layer of protection. By adding one of these options, you’re taking measure to increase the security of your phone, including your confidential information being compromised.

Additionally, consider that all of your activity is easily tracked by internet service providers, not to mention each time that you use public wi-fi, and hackers lurk everywhere.




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