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baking resource guide

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Baking is an activity that has been around for thousands of years and was done for necessity as well as pleasure.  Hundreds and thousands of years ago, there were not the readily available baked goods that there are today.  Even in the 40s, 50, and 60s baking was a regular, daily activity for necessity in many homes, including making fresh, homemade bread, pies, cookies and more.

There is so much to enjoy and learn about baking.  People of all ages enjoy this interesting activity even though it has become more of a pastime than a necessity in this day and age.  Baking has even become a popular home business for many people who have specialty baked items they create and then sell to others.

We have put together an extensive list of baking resources that will cover anything you could possible need or want to know about baking.  Whether it’s learning about the right kind of equipment that a baker needs  or discovering sites that focus on a specific baking specialty, every baker will find something of value here regardless of their skill level.

Baking History Resources

Baking goes back thousands of years. The evolution of baking and where it originated makes for very good reading. Take a look at these interesting links about the history of baking from ancient times to today.

Baking History – Learn about everything from afternoon teas to specific baked goods with this extensive and informative list

History and Overview of Baking – Check out this brief slideshow that visits where baking originated from.

A Brief History of Baking a brief tour of baking from the Middle ages to the 19th Century

Baking Kitchen Resources

If you love baking and you’re either building a home or remodeling your kitchen, there are some great things you can do to have the perfect kitchen that will indulge your love of baking.  Even if you just want to add some items to your existing kitchen that will make it easier and more efficient when you’re baking, the links below will give you some great ideas.

Design Your Kitchen for BakingExcellent tips on what makes a terrific design for a kitchen when you do a lot of baking.

Fun, Family-Focused Baking KitchenA pictorial slideshow of fantastic baking kitchen ideas

13 Ideas for a Better Baker’s Kitchen –  13 great ideas that will boost your baking experiences

A Baker’s Kitchen –  More interesting ideas of creating a terrific baking space in your own home

Baking Supply Resources

To have a successful outcome when you bake, there are some supplies you need to have on hand. These include pans, measuring cups, ingredients and much more.  These links will help you put together a checklist of needed supplies so your kitchen is ready for any kind of baking.

Top 10 baking Tools and Their Uses – Equipment and supplies are an important part of creating delicious baked goods on a consistent basis.  Here are 10 important items that you should consider adding to your kitchen to improve the outcome of your baked recipes.

Essential Baking Tools – Martha Stewart provides this list of essential kitchen tools that every baker should have on hand.

Very Basic Baking Tools for Beginners – Just getting started baking and have no idea what to get?  Here is a great list of basic baking tools that you will need to have a great first experience with baking.

The Baking Essentials to Keep in Fridge, Freezer, Pantry, and Spice Rack – A well-stocked pantry is the key to being able to bake delicious treats anytime the mood happens to strike.  Bon Appetit gives you a list of things to always keep on hand so you are ready when inspiration hits.

Baking Recipe Resources

The online baking recipe resources listed below will give you all kinds of ideas and inspiration for your next baking session.

The Joy of Baking –  An extensive site with tons of baking recipes for you to try.  Founded in 1997 by Stephanie Jaworski, her site is loaded with recipes that have been created and baked by her.

The Food Network Baking Recipes –  The Food Network is well known and respected among bakers of all skill levels. The beautiful photography and easy to follow recipes will make this site one you visit often.

Betty Crocker Baking Recipes –  Betty Crocker is a household name when it comes to baking. The website has plenty of great tasting recipes that are fun and easy to make.  Want to read about the Betty Crocker story?  Click HERE.

72 Stupid Easy Desserts that look Impossible – Want to impress at your next dinner party or gathering? Try one of these simple baking recipes. They’re sure to be a hit.

Baking Tips and Tricks Resources

Baking tips are helpful when it comes to learning how to bake, but even seasoned bakers can benefit from excellent tips and strategies that can make baked items come out even better.  Take a look at these links for some great tips and helpful information that will improve your baking skills and the outcome of your efforts.

Ingredient Functions – Sometimes ingredients have a special function during the baking process. This extensive list of ingredients and their functions can be a real lifesaver when you are in the middle of creating your own baked masterpieces.

Food Substitutions – Want to bake something delicious but don’t have the traditional ingredients on hand? Use this handy food substitutions list to help you figure out what you can substitute certain ingredients with to reap the same delicious results.

Measurement and Conversion Charts– It can be difficult to remember all the different conversions that are involved in baking. These charts will prove to be very useful whenever you are in the kitchen creating delicious baked goods.

27 Useful  Infographics that All Bakers Need –  Infographics are a great way to gather important information and present is in a visual way. These 27 baking infographics will provide all kinds of helpful information.

11 Things You Need to Do to Make Your Baked Goods Better – Follow this advice to make your baked goods come out even better

100 Best Baking Tips – Here’s a big list of great tips and baking tricks that will increase your odds of baking perfect breads, cookies, and cakes every time.

The Science of Baking – High Altitude Baking Tips – If you live in an area that has a higher altitude, you will need these important tips to ensure a great (and delicious)  outcome.

Baking Blog Resources

These 10 baking blogs have tons of tips as well as interesting reading from people who have a passion for baking.  You can learn a lot from blogs and also just have an enjoyable time reading their stories and points of view as well.

The Elevated Kitchen – High altitude baking has challenges that regular baking doesn’t. The Elevated Kitchen is dedicated to helping high altitude bakers by providing tips, strategies and a collection of recipes that have been tried and tested at various altitudes.

The Vanilla Bean Blog -Self-taught Minneapolis baker Sarah Kieffer created The Vanilla bean blog to create a food history for her family, originally starting out as a collection of family recipes.  It grew in readership, attracting the attention of bakers worldwide and earning her the Saveur Award.

Call Me Cupcake – If you’re looking for wonderful photos and delicious recipes, look no further than this blog, created by baker Linda Lomelina from Sweden.

The Boy Who Bakes – Baking isn’t just for women as Edd Kimber foodwriter and baker illustrates in his enjoyable blog.  Be sure to check out his collection of delicious recipes and Stir the Pot, his podcast that features a chef, celebrity, or food writer that loves to talk about food.

Desserts with Benefits – Desserts CAN be healthy as Jessica, creator of this blog, demonstrates. There is a great collection of healthy recipes on this blog that you can feel great about preparing for your family and they taste terrific too!

SprinkleBakes – Who doesn’t love sprinkles, right?   Heather Baird’s charming blog is full of delicious recipes and great photos that will inspire your inner artist.  Heather is a trained pastry chef, freelance recipe developer, photographer, and cookbook author.

Brown Eyed Baker –  A fun, beautiful blog that was created by Michelle who engages readers and encourages aspiring bakers to experiment.  There’s a fun list on her blog that she refers to as the baking bucket list that is fun to look at as well as tons of delicious recipes.

Love, Cake – As Sam, the creator of Love, Cake puts it “wouldn’t everyone like to receive a letter from Cake signed with love?”   This simple, elegant blog has a great collection of delicious recipes to try.

Sally’s Baking Addition – This self-taught, grandma- taught, and mom-taught baker shares her knowledge and her great recipes with readers.

Wood and Spoon – this down to earth and engaging blog created by Kate Wood features beautiful photos and delicious recipes that you’ll be anxious to try.

Specialty Baking Recipes and Resources

People have all different kinds of food preferences, some by choice such as Vegan or Vegetarian and some by necessity such as gluten-free, sugar-free, and others.  The resources below are links where you can find specific specialty baking recipes that work with your own food preferences and restrictions.

Gluten-Free Baking  Recipes – Many people have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle by choice or necessity.  These delicious gluten-free desserts and sweets will hit the spot, without the gluten!

Low Fat Dessert Recipes– Low fat desserts have an unfortunate stigma of being tasteless or tasting bad. These delicious low fat dessert recipes will change your thinking and show just how good low fat can taste.

Low Carb Baking Recipes –  Low carb is a popular eating lifestyle that many use for weight loss.  The Eating Well website is full of low carb dessert recipes that you can enjoy and not have to go off your low carb plan. Be sure to check out their special diets section that has recipes for all kinds of eating restrictions and lifestyles.

Free Online Baking Courses

There are many different classes and courses you can take right in your own kitchen over the internet. We have listed several links to some of the most popular free courses and classes available that can help you become a better baker.

The Kitchn’s Baking School – This fun course covers 20 lessons in 20 days.  The site provides students with a syllabus and equipment list so you are prepared for each lesson.

Skillshare Baking Classes – There are lots of free and premium baking classes to choose from here. From The Art of Baking to How to Make a Sponge Cake, students can learn all kinds of fun baking skills.

Cake Decorating Classes from Craftsy – choose from 4 great cake decorating classes that you can take free of charge.

Paul Bradford – SugarCraft School – Enjoy over 150 FREE lessons on cake decorating. These videos are engaging and will teach you all kinds of new skills.

Popular Baking Shows on TV

Cooking and baking shows are very popular and they can be a great course of information and learning as well.  Show times will vary depending on where you are so you’ll need to check your local listings. Most of the instructional cooking shows also feature sweets and baking if you are looking for more step by step viewing.

Simply Baking with Lorraine Pascale – Coming up August of 2017 on The Cooking Channel, this fun baking TV show features kitchen secrets, tips, short cuts and lots of delicious baking!

Sweet Dreams – Gale Gand features delicious desserts on a daily basis to tempt you and inspire you.

Passion for Dessert with Jacques Torres –  Travel the USA and Europe with Jacques Torres and discover the world of desserts.  This show is on the Food Network. If you have a passion for dessert you’ll love this show.

Have Cake, Will travel – If you love watching incredible cakes being made, you’ll love following Ashley Vicos as she travels across the US meeting one cake challenge after another.

Sugar Rush – Warren Brown takes viewers on a fun journey as he meets award winning pastry chefs and learns the tricks of the trade.

Social Media Baking Resources

There are tons of baking groups on Facebook and Baking Boards on Pinterest and Baking Forums that have tons of recipes, tips and more.  Here are some of the popular ones that may be of interest to you.

Facebook Baking Groups

Baking Friends – If you share a passion for baking and love being part of a community that includes people from all skill levels of baking you will want to check this group out.

Sourdough Bread Baking – Do you love sourdough bread and baking? If so,  this group is right up your alley. Come learn how to bake REAL sourdough bread and be a part of a community that enjoys baking as much as you do.

My Baking Addiction Recipe Group – Come share delicious recipes, photos, tips and more while interacting with a community that shares a passion for baking.

Baking and Pastry Addicts –  Come share your own delicious recipes and get to know others who love to bake from scratch. A fun group of creative people that love all aspects of baking and pastries.

Pinterest Baking Boards

Baking Recipes  – tons of great baked treats for you to explore.

The Baking ChocolaTess  – the perfect Board for the chocolate, cookie, and brownie obsessed baker.

Baking a Moment –  There is a lot of wonderful things to see on this board that celebrates the fact that a perfectly baked dessert can definitely create a special moment.

Baking Made Healthy and Easy –  If it’s healthy and it’s baked, more than likely it’s here.  A terrific collection of recipes that are healthy AND delicious.


Baking ForumsIf you love being part of a community of like-minded people that love baking, Baking Forums is the place for you. It’s free to join and there is a lot of activity going on there.

Cooking BitesAnother active forum with lots of discussions about baking, bread making and cakes.

Real Baking with Rose – This HUGE baking forum has tons of topics about all different kinds of baking topics.  There is also a blog and recipes as well.

Cake Central – A forum dedicated to everything having to do with baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes.  A lot to see here!

Baking Troubleshooting Resources

The Ultimate Cookie Troubleshooting Guide – Are you having trouble with having your cookies come out properly?  This ultimate cookie troubleshooting guide will help you figure out the problem so you can have the results you want.

What’s Wrong with my Cookies? – A Troubleshooting Guide – This interesting guide helps you identify specific problems with your cookies, examining the ingredients and helping you narrow down the culprit so you can fix the problem.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Baking Bread – Fresh baked bread is so delicious…unless something goes wrong. If you’re having trouble getting that perfect loaf, check this link out for some help on pinpointing the problem.

The Science of Cake Baking: 6 Common Baking Pitfalls to Avoid – Learn these 6 common baking mistakes and how to avoid them.

What’s wrong with my cake? 10 common baking problems fixed! – Cake problems typically tend to fall in the same categories.  Whether you cake is coming out raw in the middle or in sinks after you take it out of the oven, this guide will show you how to fix these problems and more.

Baking Business Resources

Many people who have a real passion and talent for baking decide to open a baking business.  A lot of them do it right out of their home. Here are some great resources for anyone thinking of starting a baking business.

How to Start a Home Bakery – Whether you love the taste of ALL sweets or you have a real natural talent that should be explored,  if you’re looking for some home bakery start up information you will find it here.

How To Start a Home Bakery of Your Own –  An interesting and well thought out resource for those who want to start their own bakery business.

So You’d Like to Start a Home-based Baking Business: Now What? – The Small Business Association provides great information on what the first steps are in starting your own home-based baking business.



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