7 Fun DIY Hot Glue Gun Projects

A hot melt glue gun is an often-used tool in your crafting arsenal for putting projects together or maybe for just the occasional household repair task.  We thought we would put together a few ideas showing you see how creative you can be, and how much fun you can have with a glue gun when you are using it as the actual project itself!  While glue has amazing adhesive properties, it is essentially melted plastic, so turn up the heat and get crafting!  By the way, you’ll want to stock up on a fresh roll of wax paper for most of these projects, so before you get started, make sure you have that on hand.   And never leave a hot glue gun unattended or in the hands of a child without supervision.  The tool and the glue itself can burn skin, and don’t forget to put something down where the glue gun might leak.

DIY Ice Queen Masquerade Mask

Ice Queen Mask

Photo credit: Klaire de Lys

With Disney’s Frozen taking over the world, this project would be a fun one to do for a masquerade ball, Halloween, or just to any girl who wants to channel her inner Elsa or Anna.  We found this blog by Klaire de Lys which has a fantastic tutorial on how to create your own ice queen mask using a hot glue gun, some rhinestones, and nail polish with sparkles.  Once you are done, you will probably not want to Let It Go!

DIY Magic Wands


Photo Credit: BoxyColonial.com

If Frozen does appeal to your inner prince or princess, how about a little wizardry magic a la Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts?  We love how you can turn a simple knitting needle or chopstick into a wand of wonder with some glue stick designs and paint and beading should you want to add to the magic.  You can order larger chopsticks here on Amazon.  As you drizzle the glue on the chopstick to create your design, you can add beads if you want while the glue is hot and then let it dry.  A coat of paint or wood stain gives it that authentic look.  We found a wonderful tutorial on BoxyColonial’s blog site.

DIY Coral Reef

Coral Reef

Photo Credit: OhOh Blog

Beach décor is all the rage, all the time, and finding authentic coral is not only hard to do but also best left in the ocean where it can live and grow.  Leave the sea creatures where they belong, and make your own coral reef with your hot glue gun, a few pieces of wire twisted together, some wax paper, and paint.  Begin by twisting the wire together to form a solid structure to build on, then drizzle the coral design on to those and let harden, then paint.  Additional details are on the Oh Oh Blog

DIY Snow Flakes

Hot glue snowflakes can be used to embellish outfits or just give your holiday décor an extra bit of magic.  Maybe you want to jazz up your Frozen outfit if you took our advice on making the ice queen mask, or they could be fitted with a piece of ribbon and strung to make an ornament, or take a few and make a garland.  We also may try them out as holiday coasters or just use them as embellishments on your Christmas decorations.

Embossed Jars & Porcelain Pottery


Photo Credit: Pure & Noble Blogspot

Before you toss those glass bottles and jars into the recycle bin, take a look at the adorable way that one craft blogger used a hot glue gun to make home décor items.  You’ll never want to purchase a vase or porcelain pottery item again after you see how easy this is.  With a hot glue gun and some matte spray paint, who cares if the vase gets knocked over!

Mason Jar Luminaries

Image Credit: MomSpark.net

If you do not want to use all of your glass jars for painted porcelain or embossing, check out these luminaries that MomSpark made.  Take those glass gems that you have sitting around from when you used them as vase fillers, and hot glue to adhere them to the outside of your glass jar, then pop in a candle, and you now have a gorgeous display of light to use inside or outside.  The fireflies will be jealous of your new glow.

Pixie Pebbles


Photo Credit: PiratesandPixies Blog

We love anything that has glitter on it, and these pixie pebbles are such a cute way to put a bit of sparkle around the house or in a fairy garden.  Simply take hot glue and drop blobs of it onto wax paper then when they become cool enough to pick up, roll them in different shades of glitter.

Tap Shoes


Photo Credit: TheKrazyCouponLady.com

Ok, we definitely thought this one was crazy, but one that was crazy fun!  Take a few pennies and glue them to your child’s shoes – preferably an old pair or set that they are soon to grow out of.  Glue the pennies on the front and back and let dry.  Then shuffle them onto the dance floor (be sure they know that they are not safe for all surfaces!) and watch the show.

Create a Non-Slip Rug


Photo Credit: TheKrazyCouponLady.com

This idea is a genius one.  Take that rug that is always sliding around, and flip it over.  Give it a few swizzles and scribbles of hot glue on each corner, let the design harden and dry before you lay it back down.  You now have a grip to help with the slip!  You could do this with shoes that slip as well, but you have to make sure that the design is not too high and creates an uneven surface to walk on.

Make Your Own Fabric Design


Photo Credit: ArtistsNetwork.com

This was one of our favorite ideas because we could easily “fix” stained pillow covers or make a table runner or table cloth that fit the décor.  Take your fabric of choice and draw on it with your glue gun.  You might want to do a sketch with a pencil first so that you don’t make a mistake.  Once you have the design as you like it, you can then soak the fabric in a color wash or dye.  Rinse and then dry, peeling off the glue as the fabric dries.  You can also do this on a canvas that you could spray paint over and have a stenciled design – genius!

These ideas should get you started and let you use your hot glue gun for more than fix its and repairs.  Let us know if you have more ideas to share and get creative with!



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