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How often do you visit an app or a site to watch or download movies or songs? I’m pretty sure that the list is limited and countable. One such app on Google to visit again and again is Filmywap app. This article is entirely dedicated to knowing about the app and how to download movies and songs from it.

Before getting into knowing the installation process, let us know some more about the app. Filmywap is precisely used to download both Bollywood and regional songs and movies in using the app.

filmywap 2017 download

Filmywap App Download

This app is the popular one in the vertical of downloading movies and songs in India. The movies and the songs are frequently updated in the site and the app and thus giving a reason for the regular visitors of the site to visit again and again.

When you go on searching for new Bollywood songs and films online, Filmywap app tops the list in and takes you to the right destination you’re looking for. Filmywap Apk is awesome.

Filmywap For Android

Filmywap app is available for Android phones. If you do not have an Android phone, you can install on the PC as well. This article is going to help you how to download the app on PC for the platforms Windows 7/8/10. Read the article to know on how to install it on the PC.

There is no actual design for the app to install on the PC, but it still can be used on the PC using a simple method. Using this method, one can easily access any app on any of the android devices or on your PC. If you learn about installing Filmywap app on PC, you can apply the same to any app and install it on the computer.

Download Filmywap app in windows 8 PC:

Apart from downloading the movies and songs from the site, you can also download and watch other stuff like cricket, and cricket videos related to cricket. The site went viral during the last before year’s Cricket World Cup in the category of live streaming of the game. Also, it provided you the videos to download later once after the match is over. Let’s look into how to download the app.

filmywap app download

Step 1: In order to install any mobile app on your PC, you first need to install BlueStacks android emulator from the this link.

Step 2: Now go on downloading the Fimli wap APK file from the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Now, after downloading the app from the PlayStore, open the Filmywap APK file with BlueStacks android emulator, which helps you on installing the app on your PC.

Step 4: This is it! Now open BlueStacks on your PC and Filmywap is installed via Bluestacks.

You can use you can use Filmy wap on your PC. Thanks to Bluestacks. Same applies to install any mobile app to your PC.

FilmyWap App 2017 Download:

  • There is new music section in the app that has been added recently which helps you in selecting music.
  • User Interface design of the app helps you in vivid browsing.
  • All the stuff in the app can be opened directly without confusion.
  • The app now gives you notifications based on the user’s choice.
  • The app is looking much better now compared to that of the previous verions and improved a lot.
  • Filmwap app doesn’t allow too many ads to confuse or to annoy the user and hence the user can download songs or movies with no interruptions.

There are many other emulators on the internet other than Bluestacks that are useful in this way for Android apps to get installed on the PC, but from the user experience, it is highly suggestable to go for the Bluestacks emulator.

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Once you install the Filmywap app on the PC, you can access the app on the PC just like how you do in the mobile. The User Interface of the app on both PC and the mobile doesn’t differ much and hence it is easy to access it on both the platforms.

Once after installing on the PC, you can see a search bar in the app which you can see after opening the Filmywap app with the help of BlueStacks. You can type the name of the movie there to download songs or the movies.

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  2. Download FilmyWap Apk
  3. Filmywap Apk Download

Like said above, the site also stores Cricket videos. The Filmywap app is designed in such a way that you can download the stuff from it with just a single click. Hence there are no ads to annoy half way through the download, your files will be downloaded easily without any interruptions.

Thanks to the new UI, the movies, songs and the  other files can be downloaded easily now with an easy search. This is it for now. This article will be updated as the Filmywap app updates. Keep sharing 🙂

App Name Filmywap
File Size 7.11 MB (7,461,955 bytes)
Developer Filmywap
Downloads 450,000
Rating 4.4
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