Best AntiVirus For iPhone & Ipad (Free & Paid)

Having an Antivirus in iPhone and iPad always keeps our iOS devices secured. Having the branded iOS devices like iPhone and iPad feels great, but the only problem being faced by many users is security. Though iOS devices come with high safety, it is not going to satisfy the current users, and they are looking for more.

iPhone and iPad are the devices which we use regularly, and we store many important files, photos, confidential information and more which needs high security. If you want to be safe from malware for iOS devices, then you need to know the available and best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.

10 Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad

Having an antivirus in iOS devices like iPhone and iPad adds an extra layer to the security. It also gives the confidence to do anything to your iPhone. Usually, we browse the internet a lot, and it is one of the easiest ways to get malware on iOS devices. To be safe and if you want your confidential information to be reliable on mobile, then you need to look at installing antivirus in iOS devices. If you are looking for the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad, then you have landed on the right page. Here we go!

1. Avast Secure Me

 You might have heard about Avast Antivirus. Then, Avast Secure Me antivirus for iPhone is not at all new for us. This plays a vital role in securing your iPhone and iPad by encrypting your browsing experience. The biggest problem comes when we are connected to open Wi-Fi and Avast Secure Me comes to our rescue by notifying if anything looks suspicious. It keeps you tracked when you are browsing the internet, personal messaging, shopping and more.

2. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the best antiviruses for iPhone and iPad. Rather than providing security to your iPhone, it also comes handy when you lost your device. It helps you to track the lost or theft mobile quickly and traces the location if it is connected to the internet. Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone provides high security when you are connected to Wi-Fi and while browsing the internet. An important feature of this antivirus for iPhone is, you can easily take the backup of your iPhone easily when needed.

3. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security helps us in many ways by securing the iPhone. Connecting to the internet is not only the way to get affected. Confidential information can be stolen in many respects, and it provides additional security shield to your iPhone and iPad. An interesting feature of McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone is that you can use the SecureSnap which allows you to save all your photos to a secure vault.

4. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security for iPhone allows you to keep track of your emails to stay away from malware. Emails are also one of the ways to get affected, and this antivirus would help iPhone to be safe and secure. It also provides dashboard where you can add up to 5 devices and can keep track of them. It also helps you to find your lost mobile through the dash.

5. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is treated as the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad. It keeps track of your online activities like browsing the internet, shopping, messaging and more. It secures your iPhone and keeps you notified if it founds anything suspicious. Norton Mobile Security for iPhone helps you to back up your data and makes it easy to track the lost iPhone. It adds protection and adequate security to iPhone and iPad.

6. 360 Security

360 Security for iPhone does more than an antivirus. If you are using your iPhone for a long time, then you would have captured many images and saved a lot of videos. There would be many files which need to be protected. It comes with Photo Optimizer, which scans all your images and compresses them if needed. It also removes unwanted space from your iPhone. It has some built-in algorithms which group similar photos.

7. F-Secure Safe

F-Secure Safe antivirus for iPhone is the must have an app on your iPhone. Most of the time we browse internet through iPhone and iPad, and it is recommended to stay safe at that point. This is what F-Secure Safe is going to provide. If you are visiting a website and if it identifies that, this would cause you any problem, then F-Secure Safe antivirus for iPhone would notify you. You can also use the parental feature which is built-in, to avoid accessing the avoidable content for children. This makes it the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.

8. VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier antivirus for iPhone protects your devices from malicious attacks. It scans your entire iOS device, and if it finds any suspicious files, it repairs it and saves you from any malware impacts. If you are using your iPhone a lot for browsing, then you can use Safe Browser to avoid any security implications. Location tracker feature in VirusBarrier antivirus for iPhone allows you to track your mobile in case if you have lost it. Safe Wi-Fi Connect helps you to stay safe while connecting to open Wi-Fi.

9. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security antivirus for iPhone does a lot of things easily and secures your iOS devices. It adds protective shield which keeps you safe and secure while browsing the internet. It blocks fake and unwanted websites which may cause harm to your iPhone. It also keeps tracks of your online activities and warns you about any suspicious activity. Trend Micro Mobile Security helps you to back up your data and follow the device if it got lost. Download free Antivirus for Ipad.

10. MobiShield

MobiShield antivirus for iPhone scans your entire iOS device and removes the unwanted files. If it finds any malicious file, then it repairs or removes it permanently from your device. Being secured while browsing the internet is must, and this should be incorporated in iPhone and iPad. Best Free AntiVirus For iPhone.

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There are many such antiviruses for iOS devices. These are some of the best antiviruses for iPhone and iPad. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

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