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 Netflix free accounts are what you are looking for? You might have visited many sites and tried many non-working tricks. But, your search ends here as you have landed on the right page for your search of Netflix free accounts.

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Yes, I will let you know how to use Netflix for free without spending a penny and it would work for sure. Using this trick, you can use Netflix account for free for as many days you want. You do not need to spend a single penny to use Netflix for long using this trick. So, to know the working trick to use free Netflix account, then read this article till the end. So, without any delay, let us get started.

How to get Free Netflix Accounts 2017?

We all know that Netflix is American based multinational entertainment company which provides TV Shows, TV Series and movies for certain countries. Initially, it services were only restricted to US, UK, Canada, Australia and other European countries. Later on, with increasing popularity, it’s services got extended towards other countries like some parts of Asia.

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As Netflix is providing such entertaining content, usage of free Netflix accounts and premium Netflix accounts got increased. Netflix provides content which varies from country to country based on their interest.

Now, Netflix is being used in many countries and if you are looking for free Netflix accounts, then this article is for you. By end of this article, you would come to know how to use Netflix accounts for free and that too working trick.

You would have come across many websites, which would provide you wrong data and information to access Netflix accounts for free. But, a trick which I am letting you know in this article is 100% working and genuine which would make you successfully access Netflix free account and no need to get the premium Netflix account.

Netflix charges 12 dollars per month for a premium account, which is a huge amount for most of us. There are a lot of people who cannot afford Netflix premium account of 12 dollars per month and this article if for them. After reading this article, you would know how to access free Netflix account for long time as you want.

Netflix Free Accounts Using Gmail

Netflix provides entertainment content like movies, shows, series and more which varies from region to region. As each region has their own interests, Netflix also shows the related and interesting content confined to that region.

You know that you can use free Netflix account for a month as a trial period and later on you need to have the premium Netflix account to access Netflix thereon. But, many of us are looking for how to get free Netflix account lifetime without spending a penny. So, you are here in search of that and you would return with a trick to use Netflix free account for life long.

Netflix provides a trial period of one month where you can use Netflix for free for that month. But, you need to enter credit card details even for that trial period, but it will not detect any money during that trial period. But, it would detect money automatically, after a month when your trial period ends. To overcome this and to use Netflix free account for a lifetime, then I am here for you.

We would be using Gmail to use Netflix free account and make sure that you have the Gmail account before we proceed further to learn the trick to access free Netflix account. So, as we got enough information about free Netflix accounts and premium Netflix accounts, let us see the trick now.

Free Premium Netflix Accounts Trick

A trick which we are going to see is the working trick. By following below steps, you would get Netflix Premium account for free and can access Netflix account for free lifetime. So, here we go.

Step 1: Premium Netflix Accounts for Free

  • First, visit Netflix Website and click on Join for a month
  • It takes you to a new page which shows different plans for Netflix Premium account.
  • You need to select any of the premium plans and click on “Continue” button
  • Now, it is the time to register for Netflix account. Enter your email address and password and click on “Register” icon
  • You are taken to another page where you need to enter billing details and address. Once you have entered the required information, click on “Start Membership” option. Beginning, it would give you the free Netflix account for one month.
  • You need to enter your billing address and details, as it would charge for the next month when the trial period ends.

Step 2: Netflix Premium Accounts for Free

As we have entered billing details and Credit card details, Netflix would detect money automatically after a month of free trial. Now, we are going to see how to get that premium Netflix account for free through which you can avoid billing and watch movies and videos on Netflix for free.

  • Before your free membership ends on last day (Let us say 30th of the month), log in to your Netflix account and click on the down arrow available at the top right corner. Click on the option which would show your account.
  • Now it navigates to a new window where you need to click on “Cancel Membership” option.
  • It shows you complete terms and conditions and guidelines for canceling the membership. Read them through and click on Complete Cancellation option.
  • As we have completed the cancellation of Netflix account, you can create new free Netflix account again with the same billing process and the registration process is same as explained in step 1 above.
  • You need to follow the same process of registration, but with a small change. At the time of entering the same email address, make sure you enter an extra symbol or character to the email address you used before.
  • That is the only main difference you need to keep in mind and the entire registration process is same.

This is the simple way to get free Netflix account and watch videos for free on Netflix for life long. Use your Gmail address for the above methods to get Netflix account for free as it would make the process easy.

As a bonus, we are providing you the email address and passwords to get free Netflix accounts below.

Free Netflix Accounts that are Working in 2017.

Netflix Username Password wendy65@ 88@melvik life23 warner1234 mickeyme1 oldsegg987 mylivelogin fliveord JohnrediffPin056 login danz45ig13sdf netflix accounts myaccountlogin freepassword JohndPin056

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Enjoy Netflix Premium Accounts that work in 2017. Watch All your Favourite Stuff.

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