ReadPlease 2003( (text-to-speech software) For Windows OS has been discontinued from 2005. We are no longer selling ReadPlease or providing support. This site will not provide any support.

Existing customers ONLY may download the zip files at bottom of this page.

  • ReadPlease PLUS 2003
  • ReadPlease 2003 / ReadPlease Plus 2003 (11MB)

Download Our Text to Speech Software.

Download ReadPlease2003.Zip

Follow below steps carefully to Register the Software.

  1. Download and Start ReadPlease Plus 2003
  2. A PopUp Screen will appear. It will ask you to enter Registration details.
  3. Enter below registration details:
    • Registration Name: READPLEASE
    • Registration Num: 939718100231563

Steps to Install Reading Bar Registration

ReadingBar 2 Registration Code >> 0008 7719 8726 21B3
Read Please software helps you to read the text in Web pages, books and anywhere in your laptop or Computer. This read please software is amazing. I hope you will enjoy the software.

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